Why We Should Definitely Check Out Mel Gibson’s Fatman

I always wanted to see something that felt more original. Cliches sell, I get it, but it’s really been a while since we’ve seen something that wasn’t based on something else. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always a bad thing, but I’m itching to see something that feels different. Speaking of different, I don’t think anything is more different than the upcoming Fatman, starring Mel Gibson. I swear, the guy just keeps finding these roles where he plays crazy guys. I mean, he’s pretty good at it, so why stop what he’s good at? However, I have to say, nothing can possibly top this next role. The title alone sounds odd, but that’s because the plot of the movie is even odder. Mel Gibson plays a fat man, but this fat man is unlike other fat men. I’ll just say it, he plays Santa Claus.

Wait, are we talking about the big, fat, jolly Santa Claus who we all loved as children? Well, yes and no. He is indeed playing Santa Claus, but not the Santa Claus you’d expect. The Santa Claus he’s playing is scruffy, unhinged, and very, very lethal. Some of his reindeer were shot down by gun-loving kids, and he’s forced to park his sleigh in a barn. He doesn’t like that, and now his famous business is declining. To make ends meet, he works with the U.S. military and becomes a contract killer. There’s also a kid who gets a lump of coal in his stocking and hires a hitman to assassinate Santa Claus. Lethal Santa must dodge this assassin and oblige the military to save Christmas and his business.

Okay, when I said I wanted something different, I never would have expected something like this. Not in ten years, or even a million years for that matter. This is some pretty messed up stuff and if you have any really young relatives who still believe in Santa Claus, it would be wise to not show them this movie. Mel Gibson’s Santa Claus is at the top of the naughty list in this one. He uses guns, knives, and isn’t afraid to kill whoever tries to mess with him. ┬áSeriously, I can’t get over this. Whoever came up with this idea deserves some serious credit. This movie sounds unbelievably silly on paper, but based on the trailer, it looks like this movie knows what it is. What’s so cool about it is that it embraces it and won’t hold back.

Fatman is a straight up black comedy, a genre that I think it thriving. If you get offended easily, this movie won’t be for you. However, I’m seeing black comedies get more crazy with their ideas and willing to push some boundaries. One of the best ones is Tropic Thunder, a movie I think it truly one of a kind. I’m not just saying that because it’s funny; just watch it and ask yourself if something like that can be made today. It was hilarious, but different, and that’s because it didn’t hold back. I mean, they made Robert Downy Jr. black, literally. His character was an intense method actor who willingly went through the heavy make-up procedure simply because he wanted to be in character. While he was black, he took it a bit too seriously and acted like a negative stereotype.

He didn’t really realize it, but that was all part of the joke. They didn’t stop there, as Jack Black’s character was a mockery of some popular comedic actors who rely on silly gimmicks. If you want to watch a textbook black comedy, Tropic Thunder is the one to watch. Looking back in 2008 versus nowadays, it’s hard to say if a movie like that can be made today. The sensitivity level of society is high and filmmakers don’t want to offend, but then again, if you want to make something memorable, you sometimes have to go outside the box. That’s what happened with Tropic Thunder and now it looks like Fatman is going a similar route.

I mean, what speaks black comedy more than Santa Claus going rogue? As a kid, did you ever wonder what it would be like if you got coal in your stocking? If it did happen, I think you’d be pretty angry with Santa Claus, but the kid in the movie takes it a step further by hiring an assassin. First of all, I’m wondering how that kid can even afford one, but then again, that’s black comedy for you. If you’re looking for another reason as to why you should see Fatman, just see who’s playing the assassin. The very underrated Walton Goggins is taking up the part and if that doesn’t get you excited, then you must not be too familiar with his career.

Walton Goggins has a history of playing the craziest types of characters. His breakout role as Shane from The Shield allowed him to really show off his talent as he played a morally gray cop who met a tragic end. What impressed me about his portrayal as Shane was how he could go from black comedy type of character to a serious and tragic type of character. If that doesn’t scream talent, I don’t know what does.

Don’t stop there, though. Look at all of his movies, from Predators, to American Ultra, to The Hateful Eight, and you’ll realize that Walton Goggins is an expert at playing crazy characters. All he has to do is apply that kind of craziness as he goes hunting for Mel Gibson’s Santa Claus. Speaking of Mel Gibson, I’d say this is probably the craziest role he has taken on yet. Like Walton Goggins, he excels at playing the nutty characters. Not too many people would label Santa Claus as a nutty character, but this is a different kind of Santa Claus. This Santa Claus is a maniac, and if anyone can make that concept fun to watch, it would be Mel Gibson. Say what you want about him, but the man is immensely talented and nails pretty much every role he takes.

You may think that the idea of lethal Santa Claus is insane (it is), but Mel Gibson can pull it off. If you’re like me and love the black comedy genre, then you need to check out the upcoming Fatman. Above all else, it’s just different and I respect movies that are willing to be different. I’m more intrigued than excited because it’s just so weird, but its willingness to be super weird is enough to at least draw some attention. Looks like Santa is coming early this year.

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