Why We Think Robert Pattinson Will Thrive as The Batman

It’s not a done deal yet but as Justin Kroll from Variety puts it Robert Pattinson is next in line, at the moment, to play the Batman in the upcoming 2021 movie. It seems strange to say that he would thrive in this role since for so long he’s been associated with the Twilight films and has been more or less the kind of actor that doesn’t seem to suit the part of Bruce Wayne or Batman. He’s not quite dark enough though he can brood and he can seem kind of moody at times, and he certainly doesn’t seem to have the build. But then again neither did any of the actors until Bale and Affleck, as Clooney, Kilmer, and Keaton were all kind of slim where Batman seems to be super-buff. Thankfully though that whole teenage angst period is behind him and he should be able to focus on more adult material since quite honestly the whole ‘I’m a moody vampire stuck in a teenager’s body’ is a bit passe at this time. Yes Twilight fans, I took a shot at it, just for you.

While Pattinson hasn’t exactly said ‘okay’ the part yet he does seem to be the front runner, and that’s about all we know besides the expected release date. The villains at this time are, as Jeff Sneider from Collider would say, unknown, but there are rumors that some folks are angling to either try and get on as villains or are at least thinking about it. Right now Josh Gad seems to be one of big names that would like to take part in the movie, though it’s hard to know which role they’d cast him in. There are after all a lot of villains that can be picked from Batman’s long list of enemies, but hopefully we’ll end up seeing someone that’s either considered a classic enemy like the Joker or the Riddler, or someone that’s a straight up deadly enemy like Ras al Ghul or Bane. Catwoman could be a possibility, though villains such as the Penguin, Poison Ivy, and many others seem like they might be best left alone until it’s decided whether or not this coming Batman will be received well enough to warrant another one.

Lisa Respers France from CNN has given a report that some people are actually against this as they’re tired of watching Batman and Bruce Wayne being cast in a way that makes them into a running joke. Some folks do happen to think this could work since the idea that Heath Ledger could play the Joker used to be considered a very poor idea, but the role actually won the actor an Oscar despite the unfortunate fact of his passing. So there is some hope that Pattinson could be the next big thing when it comes to the dark knight since he wouldn’t be the worst it seems even if he might not measure up to the great Michael Keaton. A lot of fans still tend to think that his rendition of Batman was the best out of all of them, though Christian Bale is definitely high up on that list, and Ben Affleck is possibly a close third since he’s miles ahead of Clooney and Kilmer. Playing the part of Bruce Wayne is easy enough for a lot of guys since all one has to do is play the part of a handsome, well to do playboy that has a vast fortune that allows him to do pretty much whatever he wants. But playing the part of Batman is where it becomes trickier since that same character has to go from playboy billionaire to dark, brooding superhero in an instant and become one of the most dangerous human beings in the DC universe.

Does Pattinson have what it takes? A lot of people would reply with a firm and unyielding NO at this point, but some people are hopeful and do think that he might bring a new bit of life to the role and thereby revive it in a way that Affleck wasn’t able to. Christian Bale did a pretty solid job of bringing Batman back to prominence, particularly in The Dark Knight, but he too kind of had to bow out after a while partly because that was the way the story went and because it seemed that he wasn’t too interested in getting back into the suit once his trilogy was up. There are no doubt a lot of guys that would love to try out for the part of Batman, and while Pattinson might not be the first pick he does seem capable of such a role and after bulking up it does seem as though he might be able to take it on without too much trouble. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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