Why We’ll Be Checking Out the Movie Chick Fight

Oh yeah, the sexism runs deep in this movie, but if you can get over your own sensibilities and look past that then it’s much easier to laugh and admit that Chick Fight looks hilarious since Anna is so down and out that she absolutely needs something to pep her up, but maybe taking on a woman that appears to like pain isn’t the best idea. This movie looks like it’s bound and determined to destroy the idea that women can’t be cage fighters, but seriously, it’s a little behind the times since the UFC kind of took that idea and ran with it a while ago. Plus, no offense to Dulce Sloan, but it’s hard to believe that she’d be able to do much in a fight like this unless she was in fact trained, which is very likely what happened to make this look impressive enough for the audience. But all in all, Chick Fight looks like it could be hilarious and would definitely seek to keep breaking down that barrier that some people still believe in when it comes to female empowerment. Why anyone would still think that such a thing continues to apply these days is hard to grasp, but maybe Chick Flick will make it clear that women can fight and women can hit damned hard and be just as vicious, if not more so, than men.

As just a fun movie this looks like something that could be highly entertaining since it’s bound to be a movie that might rub some people the wrong way, particularly when Alec Baldwin comes in as the trainer and starts making his own jokes about Anna’s performance and the fact that she couldn’t throw a punch that doesn’t look like a de-clawed cat pawing at a scratching post. Oh yes, the sexism will definitely heat up at that point, but it already looks as though it’s going to be done in a manner that’s going to be so funny that a lot of people might forget about the implications of it and just have fun with the movie, as a lot of people could claim is what needs to happen. There have been plenty of movies in the recent past that have shown women to be every bit as tough and capable as men, but for one reason or another, it usually comes back to the old idea that men will, on average, be stronger and far more effective in a fight than the average woman. That could be why we’ve been seeing more and more above average women on screen since it does show that they can handle themselves and the men around them with an amazing level of ease that is kind of interesting to watch.

When it comes down to it though, this movie is more about Anna finding some way to channel her frustration and rage into something that will help her finally gain control of her life and, at the same time, possibly make some money. The only problem is that walking into a fight without knowing what you’re doing is that you’re bound to get your butt kicked in short order, which she does, and find that many fighters will claim that you don’t belong there. It’s not exactly wrong for anyone to say this since a fighter that knows absolutely nothing about the sport can get themselves injured or even killed in a match with a professional fighter, especially one that has more than a few fights under their belt and has learned how to take a certain amount of pain while dishing out even more to their opponent. A lot of fighters will actually see this as being disrespectful since it’s believed by some that those that know nothing about the sport shouldn’t even attempt to get in the ring unless they’re ready to get knocked to the ground and possibly hospitalized. Some fighters might go easy on a newbie and just ground them quickly to get them out of the ring, but that’s not the case with everyone. Some fighters will actively seek to punish those that step into their domain without the proper training.

The movie looks to be something that will make a lot of people laugh but could possibly get buried along with many other female fighting movies that are decent but somehow just don’t catch the eye of the mainstream public. Maybe the comedic outlook and cast will be enough to elevate it a bit since it does appear that it could be something special if people just give it a chance. Fighting movies featuring women as the stars haven’t done spectacularly in the past, but it does feel as though this one might have half a chance not just because it has a couple of big names on the cast, but also because it’s not taking itself that seriously.

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