Why We’ll Be Checking Out the Movie Spell

If that doesn’t get you in the mood for Halloween then there are a lot of other movies that might, but a movie featuring hoodoo, not voodoo. If you want the difference between the two it’s not too hard to figure out since hoodoo is essentially the craft and the practice that is a little more hands on and teaches the power of certain herbs and roots and other materials and their uses, while voodoo is often said to be the mindset and the monarchy behind the magic that so many people have associated with both practices. There is a lot more to this that many practitioners of either way could explain to those that don’t understand, and there are many upon many sources that exist online to help those that need a little more clarification. But Spell is going to be using hoodoo as it’s been mentioned, and as the trailer shows the use of various materials can convince many people that magic is at work and while some would say suggestion is a very big part of what goes into the ‘magic’, meaning that a person is conditioned to believe that what they’re experiencing is supernatural in nature, in the real world there are many people that still doubt. The idea of hoodoo is one that has been carried around for generations though and is still prevalent in the world today since there are many people that thankfully won’t let go of this part of their culture, even if they continue to live in the modern era.

Spell is the story of a wealthy man and his family and as the trailer would suggest the man is likely separated from his family, who sound as though they might be quite religious, perhaps even to the point of being zealots, since he doesn’t appear to sound too happy talking about them. From the symbols to the tools used in the practices that are utilized in keeping this man where he is following a plane accident, it’s likely that hoodoo practitioners might wince at what they see or at least appreciate in part the movie for trying to be accurate. There have been so many movies that have tried to incorporate hoodoo and voodoo and have botched the attempt in such a huge way that it’s easy to understand why a lot of those that have taken up this practice would be a little bit offended since hoodoo is a cultural tradition that has been kept since the time of the TransAtlantic slave trade when those that were taken from their homes needed something to keep themselves protected. Some might be crass and state that their hoodoo didn’t protect them as they thought it might, but the belief hasn’t died out, so there is something to it, and there is enough veracity to hoodoo that it tends to make the hairs on the nape of a person’s neck rise slightly when they hear about it. As one of the many things in this world that deals with unexplained phenomena, hoodoo is something that feels as though it shouldn’t be messed with, and should be given the proper respect when being used for a movie.

Omari Hardwick has been in several productions to this point and he’s pretty easy to identify, but in some cases, he’s hard to accept in certain roles since in Gridiron Gang he played a believable gangster that was absolutely hated, while in Shotcaller he played a parole officer that was extremely believable and was also a good guy despite the fact that he couldn’t convince the main character to give up his connections, since the individual had plans of his own to take down the white supremacists that he’d been forced to join to survive. Loretta Divine is another great actor that has been in a lot of movies and has made an impression throughout her career. Her time in Hoodlum was very well received since she played a very jovial but sassy character that was strong-willed and fun at the same time. Both of them should be able to make this movie quite enjoyable since they’re quite opposite when it comes to their acting styles, as Omari is a little more serious and less likely to look like the type of guy you’d want to joke around with, while Loretta looks entirely friendly and as though she would smile at you or tear you up depending on her mood. The movie and its content are bound to be creepy as hell, but that’s why we’ll be looking into this movie since the idea of hoodoo is interesting enough to at least take a glance at it.

The movie is slated to come out on October 30th, which isn’t too far off, but it’s easy to think that one should prepare themselves all the same.

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