Why We’ll Be Watching “Pieces of a Woman” on Netflix

Netflix is taking on some very hard subjects now and again that are extremely difficult to think of let alone live through. The basic gist is that Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf portray a couple that has to endure the loss of their newborn child, and as a result one can only imagine how this would tear a person apart, thereby challenging everyone around them and leaving the woman at the center of the storm, no doubt seeking to replace the pieces that were shattered during the loss of her child. It’s hideously easy to speak of and it’s equally easy for the women that go through this undeniable tragedy to look at the world through a very dark lens since platitudes and ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ don’t even come close to cutting it. But the tragic fact is that women that have gone through this could probably admit that the lack of hope that comes with feeling a life that’s been building inside you for nine months suddenly expire without any reasonable explanation is soul-crushing, to say the least, and can go from that level to so, SO much worse. One might say that a woman that allows the depression to kick in and worsen the situation might feel as though she’s left the world behind and that there’s nothing that anyone can do to help them.

Vanessa Kirby is stepping up in a big way to take on this role as she has to play the mother that has to deal with this loss, and one can easily guess that the actress needs to bring everything to bear to appear as a woman that has lost touch with reality around her and is trying desperately to gain it back. LaBeouf on the other hand does look somewhat impressive in the trailer since there’s no denying that the pain felt by others can’t possibly match the pain felt by a mother in this situation, but the fallout is bound to be pretty bad since many people simply don’t know what to do or what to say in such a situation. There’s a lot to say about this subject and yet what really comes down to are hard facts, which don’t appear to be available in this on-screen couple’s case, which is only bound to make things worse since people want answers and when they’re not forthcoming things only tend to get more and more aggravated. Plus, taking one’s anger out on those that are attempting to help only creates more anger unless those seeking to help are patient and able to look beyond their own ego and can recognize the pain that those who come to them are currently experiencing.

This is the type of trailer that can tear at a lot of people since it deals with something that no parent ever wants to think about and no individual should have to go through since too many people in this world suffer enough pain already in one way or another, and compounding that pain with the loss of a child is only bound to make things worse. Whether it has to do with foregoing the idea of heading to a hospital for regular checkups and to eventually give birth or something else, the tragedy ultimately isn’t what was done, it was what happened and what will continue to happen to a couple if such a thing is left to fester and continually tear at the fabric of a relationship. While it’s very true that the mother will suffer in a much more concentrated manner since there are both emotional and psychological as well as biological issues to deal with, those will only grow worse if the pain continues to eat away at their partner/spouse as well, since this type of loss is enough to break down almost anyone and it will begin to affect anyone within the woman’s orbit. As it’s shown in the trailer it’s not just up to the mother to get through the storm that’s going to be brought on by such a loss, it’s up to those that care for her as well, as they’re also pieces of a woman the moment that she allows them into her life, and they have to find a place just as much as anything when it comes to the healing process. It might sound cheesy, but it’s the truth, and it does appear to be what will need to happen in this particular story to bring it to a satisfying close since the storm we’ve seen thus far is bound to be intense.

Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Ellen Burstyn, and several others are primed to take on this intense drama, and it’s probably wise to have a box of tissues nearby when you decide to sit down and watch it.

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