Why We’ll Be Watching The Documentary “The Year Earth Changed”

It is great to see the natural world making a comeback, but as humans do the same following the pandemic one has to realize, or hopefully people WILL realize, that the reason that nature is so hesitant to show itself at times is because of the human element that overcrowds, overruns, and seeks to keep pushing nature to the side in a vain hope to see what it has to offer. That sounds kind of self-defeating, doesn’t it? We’ll be watching this documentary with a bemused look and the hope that people will finally come to the realization that the world around us is reluctant to give up its secrets because humans tend to demand it rather than allow it to simply happen. Humanity is often so concerned with what nature can give or what can be taken that too many forget to simply sit back and let nature show us what it can do and what there is to see. This is why living in the city isn’t such a great part of life for some people, especially if they’ve ever had the chance to witness what nature can reveal in its own time. What’s really amusing about this is that it does feel that we’re seeing a part of the future that might come to pass one day if humanity keeps going the way it is. Many upon many individuals are concerned that we’ll end up wiping each other out, and some do think that we’ll take the world with us. The funny thing about that is the fact that even if such a thing could and does happen, life will find some way to go on without us.

As Apple TV+ is bound to show, the pandemic put a lot of things in perspective for a lot of people since with so many businesses, parks, and other recreational sites shutting down the world nearly came to a standstill in some ways as only the essential businesses were left open, and people were isolated from one another for a while. As of now, things are starting to get back to what people consider normal, but there’s still a great deal of caution that’s being taken in order to avoid another flare-up of the same virus that caused the mess that occurred in the past year. Quite a few people are still lamenting all that has happened in the past year, but as this documentary will end up showing, nature decided to start creeping back into the picture apparently as animals were seen in urban areas, the skies cleared occasionally to allow stunning views that normally would be hidden away by smog and other products of industry, and the world appeared to breathe a sigh of relief for a moment, all because humanity was forced to stay still in a way that our species hasn’t done in far too long.

In the end, if there comes a day when humans are no longer the dominant species in this world, it does feel that this is just a slice of what we’ll be able to expect since the world will likely be here and it will right itself quicker than we tend to think. The hubris of humanity is in thinking that the world needs our touch when in truth it’s human beings that need the world to exist as it is. While the actions of humanity might very well be damaging the world as we know it, the world as we DON’T know it will recover quicker without us in it if that ever comes to pass. This documentary is set to show what happens when humanity steps back and lets the world heal itself a bit so that it might show the wonders that it possesses once again. I’m not one of the many that say that we have to start living off the land and return to nature and so on and so forth, I enjoy the electricity, sleeping indoors, and indoor plumbing, and everything else that comes from being human. But it doesn’t take living in nature to understand that it needs to be preserved and that the lives we lead sometimes need to slow down and simplify in a manner that allows the world around us to get back to the business of revealing itself in its own good time so that we can be spectators as well as inhabitants. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, and it has, don’t kid yourself about that, it’s that humanity places value on various parts of life that aren’t always as important, while ignoring what really is.

The documentary should be interesting as the hope is that it will remind people of what’s important in this world and how we’ve slipped in remembering such things, but it should also be interesting for a number of other reasons.

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