Why We’ll Be Watching “The Irregulars” on Netflix

Things have to change sometimes and The Irregulars, which is a group featured in the old Sherlock Holmes stories, is bound to make that happen since the director of the show isn’t going strictly by the original idea, but is bringing his own touch to something that Arthur Conan Doyle created a long time ago as he tweaks the idea of The Irregulars into something that’s going to take the groups reason for existing and turn it into a very real supernatural threat that will require the group, which is no longer male-centric as they were in Doyle’s version, to find a way to survive and solve one case after another in order to keep others safe and keep themselves from being the next targets. It does sound as though Sherlock will be making an appearance, but he won’t be the main focus of this story so he’ll keep a rather low profile. Watson on the other hand might be a little more prominent since it sounds as though he has more to do with the group of teens even if it’s stated that he’s not exactly the best person with kids. As far as supernatural thrillers go this one sounds like it might be kind of interesting but it might also draw a fair amount of criticism for a couple of reasons.

It could be that no one will care that it’s set in the Holmes era but allows for a more contemporary feel since a lot of folks tend to like the more contemporary feel of it and might actually approve. But one can definitely bet there will be a few people that want to take a shot at the series all the same. Plus, switching the cast of characters around is bound to draw some criticism but this also feels like it won’t matter as much since the idea of being as inclusive and diverse as possible is already evident from the trailer and it does feel that the acceptance of this will drown out anyone that has anything to say. Plus, on that note, this is one of those times when a switch isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it allows the story to take on a life of its own and still adhere to Doyle’s original tale, in a way, since apparently the intent isn’t to trounce all over Doyle’s original creation, even if that appears to be what’s being done. Perspective does matter sometimes, and while it could be said that the show is taking Doyle’s idea and twisting it like a rag to remove certain elements in order to replace them, it could also be said that it’s being updated to reflect the current society to which it will belong.

The series will be headed to Netflix in March so it’s not too long now before we’ll get to see how this is going to work and how people are going to respond to it. Supernatural stories have definitely been able to stick around and even rise now and then when it comes to their popularity, so it’s entirely possible that people might embrace this particular tale. Any Sherlock Holmes purists might not want to give it the time of day, but it does feel as though there might be enough individuals that will see some value in trying it out for an episode or two in order to see if it grabs them and takes hold. That’s usually all it takes for a show to really hook someone since if a person isn’t into it by then it’s likely they won’t be and it’s best to just move on. The hope is that The Irregulars won’t be a one-season wonder like several other shows have been in the recent past, but again, it’s all up to those that will need to get the audience’s attention and make certain that people are willing to take the chance of getting into this show and invest in it on a deeper level. Taking something born of a Doyle novel and the supernatural, which are usually mentioned together at times but don’t really mix since the Sherlock Holmes stories always came down to practical means by which to create supposedly supernatural results, is bound to be interesting since making it a reality where it used to be a falsehood is going to be intriguing.

Right now the trailer is enough to get us interested in seeing what the show is all about and what it might have to offer since it does sound like something that could be leading in a very compelling direction that might be worth following for a while. While part of it does sound vaguely like other stories that have come before, it’s best to keep an open mind and give new shows a chance.

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