Why We’re Excited to See Star Trek: Lower Decks

This series is bound to make a person think a little more of just how the least-regarded and possibly respected members of Starfleet live since as the title suggests it will be focusing on those that are for the most part kind of reviled in a way and not taken as seriously, the people that are low-ranking and normally wouldn’t be given a lot of attention. It’s uncertain as to whether it’s going to be all that popular, but given that Mike McMahan, who’s worked on Rick and Morty, is going to be in charge of this project, it’s likely that it might take off in a big way since the kind of hilarity and nuttiness that made Rick and Morty work on a level all its own could possibly be what decides the fate of the show when all is said and done. To be fair, a lot of the crazier animated series are starting to find a big audience since Rick and Morty helped to revive the interest a bit and continued to lead the way. Thanks to shows such as Family Guy and American Dad!, as well as Futurama and yes, even The Simpsons, this show might have a pretty decent chance of winning people over since the goofy and the insane have found quite a place in American pop culture.

When you really think about it, those that work below decks on any starship tend to be very underappreciated at times since there’s plenty of people down there checking on things and making sure that the ship is still running correctly, but they get very little of the credit. If an away team is formed a few red shirts might be assigned, but the knowledge that’s been gained by the fans is that they’ll typically be the first to die unless they happen to have something to do with the main story. The level of disregard for a lot of the crew is kind of horrible for a show where everyone is supposedly living in a harmonious society where everyone’s effort counts. Of course from a practical standpoint only so many crew members can be shown on the show or in a movie since otherwise each show would need to be insanely long and would have to take into account the importance of every crew member. There have been movies and even shows when other crew members have been given a bit more prominence, but quite often it hasn’t been seen as a common practice.

Whether or not this idea will take off feels a bit irrelevant since people are likely to enjoy the apparent nutty nature that it brings and will possibly find in this show another reason to enjoy an animated series that isn’t sticking to type and is doing its own thing. Star Trek has after all stuck close to the brightest and the best for years, so highlighting a ship and a crew that’s not considered to be the elite might be a nice change of pace. If nothing else it will give a fresh perspective that will make people think even as they’re laughing uproariously. That’s the whole point after all when it comes to some shows, to make people laugh and get their attention in order to make sure that they’re going to keep watching. It’s possible that McMahan will bring the same kind of humor that has made Rick and Morty so great, but it’s also likely that he’ll stick within the boundaries that Star Trek allows, as the crazy nature of the show that he worked on before might not be fully appropriate for this show. After all, there is some decorum in Star Trek, but there’s also a lot of free space when working with what will amount to the misfits of Starfleet and those that people might not expect as much from. With that in mind it’s not hard to think that McMahan might actually get a bit out there when it comes to the subject matter and it could be something that the fans will fully embrace as it will be something new and definitely fun to see.

There might be those Trekkies that won’t want to see this as they could view it as a desecration of their beloved Star Trek, but if they have a sense of humor it will no doubt blow over quickly. The animated series isn’t bound to really dig into Star Trek any more than one might think, but it could irk some people with a bit of the content in any case. It’s pretty common knowledge that it doesn’t take much to get under some folks’ skin these days, so hopefully this won’t be seen as anything but a funny show that will be looking to highlight the underappreciated members of Starfleet in the funniest way possible.

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