Why Wolverine is Not Marvel’s Most Important Hero


When arguing the point for why ONE hero is so important to the Marvel universe it’s hard, seriously I’m biting my lip writing this, to not argue for Wolverine. He’s been a fan favorite, my personal favorite, for so many years that trying to argue against the idea of his importance that it feels like I’m trying to fight against my own nature to rebel and just expound on why he’s so awesome. But then reading Andrew Dyce’s article on ScreenRant helps provide the needed motivation for such an act. All respect to Andrew, Wolverine is keeping a demon in check that could possibly ruin everyone’s day by dragging the world into hell, but at the same time it would seem like the writers have more power in this and could come up with any number of villains that would be able to stop this, and likely would step in just so The Truth couldn’t do something they wanted to accomplish. That kind of takes the wind out of the old sails and even if it doesn’t, the truth of the matter is that when it comes to Marvel, the reality is that the earth is always in danger.

Let’s just take a step back and look at this, shall we? In just the past couple of years we’ve seen that the earth was in danger from Thanos, from the Kree, possibly from the Skrulls if they weren’t going to behave, and of course, from Galactus as well, and even an invasion that was spearheaded by Thanos. And Loki would likely have his way with the earth too if given the choice. You see, the earth isn’t exactly a safe haven in the Marvel universe since there’s always someone that’s willing to burn it all down and remake it in their image. Apocalypse, anyone? As George Marston of Newsarama points out, the fact that Wolverine has been helping to keep a demon at bay for so long is admirable and it makes him even more of a badass than ever before since it means that he’s been doing something that has somehow flown under the radar for so long. But saying that he’s the most important person in the Marvel universe seems to be laying it on a bit thick. As far as The Truth goes there are a lot of heroes that could possibly contend with the demon no matter how powerful it is. Dr. Strange comes to mind since his entire life is bound up in the mystical arts, and he’s taken on some of the worst baddies out there that could possibly destroy the earth in a manner of seconds if not for his efforts. The Ghost Rider, if he really let loose and tore into someone with all the powers at his disposal would be able to do something. Even the Hulk, who has fought the Ghost Rider, and Wolverine, and has a healing factor on par with the mutant hero, could possibly do something.

I hate to say this, but if I had to pick a single hero that was more important than any other in the Marvel universe, it would have to be Spider-Man. I know, pick your jaw up off the floor and pay attention for a moment, because I’m not joking. It’s not just the fame, the movies and merchandise that have made him important, it’s that he’s taken on the kind of bad guys that Wolverine has and worse, though he hasn’t taken on The Truth it would seem. But Spidey is the kind of hero that is insanely versatile and is at the same time just capable of being a part of just about everything and even better, is able to hang with some of the toughest heroes in the Marvel universe. He’s intelligent but not so smart that he’s a super-genius, he’s tough but not overpowered, and he’s a generally nice guy but knows when to cut loose and not hold back. He’s even gone one on one with Wolverine and, I hate to admit, gotten the upper hand on Logan in the past. Would he be able to take on and take out The Truth? That’s hard to say since it’s never happened, but given that his MCU counterpart is now equipped with the kind of armor that can be set to ‘kill’ if he so desires, Spidey is a force to be reckoned with, and in the comics he’s more than proven how great he can be.

So yeah, Wolverine is definitely one of the more popular, in fact one of the MOST popular icons in the Marvel universe, and he’s done a lot of great things over the years, plus some that were kind of suspect, like allowing Cyclops to fall to what he likely presumed was his death. But when it comes to who carries the most importance in the Marvel universe, Spider-Man still has him beat.

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