Why You Should Be Following Mark Hamill on Twitter

Mark Hamill pointing

Unless you happen to be a lover of Twitter, which many, MANY people are, it’s hard to see the allure for a few reasons. But given that we’re talking about the legendary Mark Hamill it seems as though it might be alright to finally just say what the hell and see what’s going on. There are at least a couple of reasons why it might be kind of fun to follow him on Twitter, and Ranker’s Mick Jacobs manages to give us a couple. For one it’s Mark Hamill, one of the most noteworthy and legendary actors of all time. Even if you want to argue that he was famous for his part in Star Wars and then maybe being the voice of the animated Joker for so long and little else, he’s still earned his spot in the annals of cinematic history. After all, who else could possibly take on the role of Luke Skywalker at this point and really make it work? Maybe in another century if humanity is still around and someone’s brave enough to do a reboot a person could be found to revive the Skywalker name, but as of now he’s IT, and he’s the guy that many people look up to when it comes to the movie.

Then there’s the simple fact that he’s taken to Twitter just as well as anyone, better in fact than some as he’s become capable of trolling fans and entertaining the fans in another way since he’s been able to show off his funnier and slightly comical side through social media. If someone would have claimed years ago that Mark Hamill would be a guy to follow on social media it seems fair to think that a lot of folks would have laughed and made some Star Wars-related joke. But as it stands now he’s been on fire when it comes to Twitter and is one of those that might just come back at you with a well-timed quip and post rather than nothing but silence or a snarky remark. In short he’s become stronger in terms of his wit and temperament as he’s gotten older, and it’s become something that people have started following because he’s been seen as worth the attention.

Sam Hayson of Mashable has a few other tweets that Hamill is responsible for that show just how great he’s been when it comes to getting the fans to believe what he wants. It’s funny, but in this technological age when so many people aren’t sure what to believe and are so paranoid about what’s real and what’s not, people have begun to take advantage of that and have some real fun with it. Hamill is just one of them of course, but his presence on Twitter has been so on-point that you can’t help but wonder just what’s going through his mind when he starts sending out tweets. There are times that it’s obvious that he’s just having a lot of fun and enjoying his interactions with the fans since he seems to take that idea of being the trickster to heart now and again. Hey, he did perform the voice of the Joker for a while, so maybe it’s fair to say the feel of the character wore off on him after a while. In any case he makes it nice and light most times and seems to have a great deal of fun with his tweets without being too hard to understand. In truth it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to follow him on Twitter since it’s been seen that enough people have already done so just out of sheer interest and curiosity, and it’s not the only social media account of his that has drawn a great number of people to it.

Mark Hamill is one of those old stars that seemed to disappear after Star Wars and then would reappear now and again as a novelty, such as in The Guyver and various other scifi films that were quickly buried the moment they were released, mostly straight to video. Then he went on to do the voice of the Joker, which no doubt kept him going, and then he started showing up on various shows and then inexplicably in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He’s been around for a long time, but it’s obvious that Twitter has given him another serious boost that he’s been reveling in since he found his way onto social media. That alone is worth taking the time to follow him since he’s managed to take social media and bend it to his whims at times, as much as anyone can. Plus, as I already said, it’s Mark Hamill, one of the people responsible for one of the most legendary stories of all time. Of course it would be worth your time to follow him.

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