Will a Lost Revival Follow The Dexter Revival?

Is anyone else shaking their heads at this point? Or is everyone still so wrapped up in the idea that Dexter and Lost are getting another shot to be revived just long enough to give people what they were pining for at the end of each show? It hasn’t been announced yet, but a lot of folks are thinking that since Dexter is coming back for a revival to see just what happened to everyone’s favorite killer, it might be seen that Lost will get the same chance to come back and be given a chance to sort out the mess that the finale became at one point. Should it though? If that’s the case, then what’s to stop any other show that had an unsatisfying ending from coming back to try and make things right? There are just too many questions that point to why this shouldn’t be happening, and one thought among many that might hopefully give some people pause, despite the fact that it remains highly doubtful. What if people don’t like how it ends this time around either? Will there be continual revivals every now and then that will continue to try to set things right? This is a huge issue to think about since stacking one revival on top of another would be a huge mistake since leaving it alone would have been the better option rather than try to appease the people that have finally come to grips with it. But that’s not how Hollywood works, it’s all about the money and what they think will come from it.

To be honest, it’s almost as though the promise of money erases all reason and simply allows a project to push ahead against any and all better judgment in order to make what money it can. Sometimes people get lucky and sometimes these projects go off without a hitch, as a lot of folks are likely hoping that the Dexter revival will. Maybe it will do just fine and I’ll be forced to eat my words, but it will also mean that people are willing to take whatever is laid directly in front of them while holding up their money to be taken in return, while their blank stare awaits the desired footage that will keep them happy and placated for the time being, at least until the story is concluded once again and they have to deal with the idea that their favorite characters are once again going to be consigned to the archives where it will be kept available for those that want to watch it over and over again in an attempt to find something, anything, that’s worth talking and posting about. Does this sound like a continuous loop to anyone else? Or is it finally starting to sound like a trend that just keeps going on and on without stopping since the idea appears to be brought back shows that have already concluded and then possibly wait a few years more until the idea of bringing it back sounds like a good idea when in truth it’s something that should be laid to rest?

The more disturbing thing is that at this point no one is saying a single word against it, which either means that those that would speak out against it, if only to play devil’s advocate, are in the wrong as many people might agree to, or are the voices dissent that aren’t bound to be heard until the moment happens that the revivals begin to fail if such a thing happens. The main issue with bringing anything back is that the expectations of the fans begin to rise exponentially as they imagine what could happen, what should happen, and are ultimately disappointed quite often at what does happen. As cynical as that might sound, it’s the absolute truth since it’s happened more than once in the past, both recent and ancient in the reckoning of pop culture. Right now it doesn’t sound as though there’s anything that could really stop a Lost revival if those that are in charge of it are bound and determined to make such a thing happen, and it also sounds as though fans are all for it and aren’t bound to say a single word against it. Those that had apparently made peace with the controversial ending are already being given a great deal of hope that they’ll be able to see something new and pleasing to the eyes and the senses that will cap off the show in a very big and impressive manner.

Right now it feels that a mistake is about to be made since leaving a story the way it was when it finally ended is usually best to keep people interested. But we’ll see what happens, won’t we?

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