Will We Ever See a Movie Based on the Final Fantasy Franchise?

So technically we’ve already seen a Final Fantasy movie in the form of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but it kind of came and went without any real notice save by the fans that happened to be there when it was released. While part 7 was and still is undoubtedly a favorite of many fans there is another installment to the Final Fantasy franchise that people would love to see made into a movie. Part 10 was by and far one of the most popular additions to the franchise since it was a story that had a great deal of time and effort put into it and had engaging characters that were funny, mysterious, and very well-rounded in many ways. The entire group that was seen throughout the game tended to compliment one another in their skill and were able to bring something unique to the quest. Plus the story was something epic enough that if told right and allowed to stick to the source material could become something that people would be talking about for years to come.

Here are a few reasons why this should happen.

The story could span for at least two to three movies.

The main character of the story, Tidus, goes through a long transition from being kind of a whining teenager that has no idea what’s going on after his city is attacked by Sin, a powerful entity that few people know that much about, to the point when he finally comes to realize just who and what he is. Along the way he meets at least one person he knows and many that he doesn’t, earning his place among the group and becoming stronger with each encounter as he finally becomes part of the world into which he’s been unceremoniously dumped. The adventures he goes on are plentiful and most of them are quite meaningful as they add another layer to the story. So taking at least trilogy to explain and flesh out everything could be possible, especially given that there very distinct enemies and a cause that could be stretched without losing its potency.

The characters are all believable enough to warrant top-level actors.

If you’ve ever played the game then you’d know that there are great characters in this game and some that are there more for comical effect than anything. Tidus is the main character while Yuna is the naive Summoner and healer of the group. Wakka is kind of like comical relief that packs a punch while Lulu is the ill-tempered but very attractive mage that is a great asset to the party thanks to her spellcasting. Rikku is kind of the spunky and very innovative person in the group that is invaluable the moment she comes around since her technical know-how is hard to deny, while Kimahri is powerful, but more or less Yuna’s guardian and not much else. Auron is perhaps one of the best characters in the entire game largely because he’s wiser than the others, tougher than most of them, and doesn’t mess around, well, ever. The cast of main characters would be one of the key elements of this movie if it was made and would need to be given over to those that could play the roles without much difficulty.

It’s one of the more epic quest games that has ever been created.

This would no doubt be hotly debated since a lot of quest games have come before this and a lot of have come after that people would argue are so much better. But this game manages to bring so many different elements into play that it’d be hard not to acknowledge it as one of the most inclusive games ever created and one of the most in-depth quest games that has ever come out. Between the god-like creatures called the Aeons and the already-powerful characters in the group you might think that this is just another group that is severely overpowered and will run rampant through a movie until they come upon enemies that are so much more powerful than they are. But the great thing about Final Fantasy 10 is that the adventure exposes a great number of weaknesses that all members of the party harbor and goes into the danger zone of questioning faith, ethics, and human decency on a number of occasions. There are more familiar themes in this story than you could possibly imagine and despite being a fantasy it is very down to earth in many ways.

Final Fantasy 7 did manage to turn some heads when it came out with Advent Children but at the same time it might be fair to try and see if Final Fantasy 10 can do any better and if the director can find a way to gain it the kind of recognition it deserves.

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