Will Jack Dalton Ever Return to MacGyver?

MacGyver is a show that we’ve all liked once or twice in our lives, or in the case of some folks have watched throughout its entire run both original and new, but there is the need to recognize now and again just who the main character is surrounded by that helps him from time to time. After all as awesome as the character is, and he is without a doubt, there is always a need to take note of the people that support him and help him out on occasion. In this instance his no. 1, Jack Dalton, has been the guy that MacGyver has seen as his go-to on a lot of occasions. Thus it’s kind of confusing to have seen an episode when MacGyver was doing his best to keep a dirty bomb from falling into the hands of the wrong people without the support of Dalton without any explanation of why the character wasn’t to be seen. It does kind of make people wonder if they’ve seen the last of George Eads, aka Jack Dalton.

Thankfully the answer is that we haven’t seen the last of him just yet, as Eads did manage to come back for a brief moment. But it does seem that this was a last sendoff for the character, as at this moment it has been noted that Eads hasn’t been seen on set since then. It’s kind of hard to believe that this would be his final appearance since MacGyver really needs his support at times, but it’s also easy to see how some characters move on at times and the show just has to go on. So far it’s been seen that the new MacGyver has in fact turned some heads and gained a lot of fans. Whether a person agrees with it or not it’s happened and quite honestly the idea of the show has become something that is definitely strong enough to weather the difference in actors and the updates that have had to come as a result of the show being presented in the current era. People have responded and they like the show, but it might be that some folks will continue to wonder and hope that Eads will be able to come back at some point.

In terms of why Eads might be leaving however it does go back to an unspecified altercation while filming an episode. Apparently he’d been asking to be released from his contract so that he could return to LA to be closer to his daughter. This is a big eye-opener for many that might not want him to leave, but couldn’t fault a father for wanting to be closer to his child. After all show business is a very demanding career and to be honest there are times when it takes an individual away from those they love on a continual basis. This alone however doesn’t seem like it might have been enough to facilitate any talk about him leaving the show, though it could have easily been a catalyst.

There are plenty of stories out there about actors that have either been separated from their families by work and the need to establish and maintain a reputation, but there are just as many that are willing to try and keep a firm relationship with their families by trying to stay as close as possible. Eads is attempting to be a good father and there’s nothing to say that he’s been a bad one, at least nothing that seems to be glaring and overt. But if the decision to move to LA and be close to his daughter is in fact the driving force behind him leaving then it might seem more feasible to let him go and pursue other interests while staying close to his daughter. If nothing else his career wouldn’t be over, it would likely take him along a different path.

So far, being realistic, nothing during the episode from February 1st has indicated that he’ll be taking off. Of course given that the plot line for the average show is something that, even when ‘leaked’, is never fully revealed until the final minute is experienced, it’s fair to say that Jack might be back, or he might be exiting stage left the next time people see him. That’s just the nature of TV shows however, things happen, people come in, people leave, and the audience has to deal with it. Jack Dalton is a favored character to many people without a doubt, but if he leaves or he stays it’s really the prerogative of the writers and what they’re given to work with. Eads could very well stick around for a while, but the chances are that he could pull a very big disappearing act if he’s decided to try and seek a release from his contract.

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