Will Lori Loughlin Ever Work in Hollywood Again?

Someone get the ointment because a few people just got burned big time. There might be some that argue that Lori Loughlin turning herself in might mean that some leniency might be needed, but there are some that seem eager for blood, in a metaphorical sense. Thanks to the college bribery scheme now labeled as Operation Varsity Blues, which has seen up to 50 people arrested, her acting prospects might be drying up quicker than a drop of water in a heatwave. It seems that the Hallmark Channel has already turned their back on her and let Lori go from the shows that she helped to make immensely popular and it’s even likely that she won’t be making her way back to Fuller House.

So many people are likely holding onto this idea that Lori is still the squeaky-clean character that she’s been seen as on TV that they’re probably in denial right about now. It’s a guilty pleasure at times to see such folks dethroned since the idea that they’re celebrities seems to indicate, to them, that they can do what they want. When they get dragged back down to reality it’s kind of vindictive and even a bit petty to laugh, but it’s still pretty satisfying since it reminds a lot of folks that celebrities can possibly get in trouble as well. Those that argue for Lori are likely to cite many different times when she was such a nice woman and did so many nice things. But they won’t be likely to say that she’s showing her true colors now and will gladly state that she turned herself in and wasn’t arrested.

She’s basically booted herself out of a job, out of many jobs in fact, and has no one to blame but herself and possibly her husband. What’s really an insult added to injury however is that the Hallmark Channel, and of course Netflix, have no intention of shutting down the shows that she’s been a part of, since it would seem that her part in Fuller House has been peripheral for the most part, and Hallmark has already been scrambling to see just how they will continue. But you can at least wonder how Fuller House is going to explain the fact that Aunt Becky is no longer coming around as she used to, though thankfully writers are able to bend the laws of sitcom physics now and again to really make things work. So in truth she has likely kicked herself out of any possible endeavors in the future, though that’s another discussion for another time, perhaps in another few months to a year when she tries to salvage what’s left of the ruins of her career.

Even better than this, or worse from Lori’s perspective, is that the money that she and her husband put up to send their daughters to college might have been wasted anyway. If you’ve read anything on her daughter Olivia Jade then you already know that the young woman has had to apologize profusely and, likely not very sincerely, after stating that she wanted to attend USC to party and have fun and could care less about education. That might make you say ‘ouch’ since in a way Olivia was bound to sabotage her mother’s attempts before they were ever made. You can almost imagine the dressing down that this young woman might have received not long after this. It’s also kind of safe to say that Olivia’s apology might have been less than heartfelt since she’s done this kind of thing more than once and it’s been obvious that education is just not her ‘thing’ and she’s all about social networking and getting as much fun and excitement out of her time in school as possible without feeling the need to really apply herself.

Yes, that’s what Lori and her husband were paying for, a four-year-long party that was bought and paid for and was furthered by claiming that the two sisters were going to be a part of the rowing team, which was a blatant lie since they were never connected to the team in the first place. You get the gist now? They wanted the best for their daughters, honestly most parents do, but they thought they could buy their way in and made it possible to enable another couple of individuals that had nothing but disdain for the real college experience. A half a million dollars was paid by Lori and her husband to try and get their daughters into school, and the young women didn’t care a single bit.

At this point you can kind of assume that someone is going to take pity on her and there might even be a biopic that will allow her to get paid again. The real injustice is that she’ll likely come back after a while since our country loves to back people that do the wrong thing at times.

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