Will Salvation’s Coup De Grace Be The End of the World?

Salvation's Coup De Grace

Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Tonight CBS is airing episode 10 of Salvation.  It’s safe to say that things may be taking a turn for the worse – on the show.  Why?  The title.  This week is Salvation’s Coup De Grace.  If you’ve taken French – or are competent using Google – you know that coup de grace means the death blow – sometimes out of mercy, sometimes not.  So, something – or someone – is definitely going down tonight!

The Official CBS Story Synopsis for Salvation‘s Coup De Grace

“Coup de Grace” – Grace and Darius seek answers from the President and Harris discovers deadly secrets, on SALVATION, Wednesday, August 30 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT).

Now,  last week on Salvation we learned that the President is not well mentally.  If  Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) and Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan) successfully get a meeting with POTUS it’s gonna be a doozy!  Especially since someone in the White House tried to kill Grace.  Could putting the president out of her misery be the death blow?  If so, could Grace inadvertently have something to do with putting her out of her misery? Maybe….

Salvalation‘s Coup De Grace – A Story Theory

The thing is,  last week Darius launched the gravity tractor using the newly invented EM Drive.  We also saw that the hacker group Resist had an ulterior motive for helping him get it done.  Then in the teaser we saw that Darius’s nefarious uncle, Nicholas Tanz (John Noble) has done something not good pertaining to Darius.  The guess would be that with the help of Resist he sabotages the rocket because he wanted to thwart Darius’s dream of creating the first working EM-Drive.

Of course, this theory could be completely off-base.  It’s not like I’ve seen the episode.  I did see a little sneak peek though.  (Sorry – I can’t show it to you – technical difficulties.)  What I can tell you is Grace storms off  from Deputy Defense Secretary Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale) mad as heck!  She also says that she’s going to tell her daughter Zoe (Rachel Drance) that the world might be ending – before she sees it on TV! Hmmm.

A Final Tease for Salvation’s Coup De Grace

Here’s a last bit of intrigue for tonight.  Yesterday the show’s official Twitter account – @SalvationCBS –  put out this photo.

Autumn Reeser plays Tess – Darius’s childhood friend that he was madly in love with, but broke her heart.  She’s the sister of Darius’s best friend Lazlo (Aaron Poole ) – who was murdered earlier this season.  Tess is married with kids, but we could see there’s still an emotional connection between them.  Why is she in this episode?  Guess we’ll have to watch and find out!

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