Will The Show Manifest Ever Come Back to Television?

If you frequently travel, maybe watching ‘Manifest’ gives you the chills. I wonder just how terrifying it could be watching the series while on a flight. It must be just scary. Well, about one year ago, the popularly received series premiered, and it changed most folks’ outlooks on thrilling drama. Some of us will never be the same again after watching those surreal 16 episodes of its first season. Now, since there is just no going back, and it is impossible to see what the show depicts, fans want another season soon. It certainly isn’t premiering today though. Still, we can help but wonder; will the show ‘Manifest’ ever come back to TV?

Why the Anticipation?

The producers of the show sure did work up one major season finale that left fans curious. They cultivated a luxurious allure of suspense as they finalized the season. You’d think that they were going to keep in touch with fans and reassure them of a second season. They did not; the makers of the show remained quiet about its future. The radio silence disheartened many fans who really wanted to see the show go on and develop the captivating storylines further.

The season one midseason left fans with a lot of questions regarding the callings of the characters. It also left us guessing who the scary and murderous shadowy figure could be. The second half of the season introduced more drama and mystery while exploring the heartbreaking tale of Jared and Michaela. It depicts the story of a perfectly good second chance ruined by principle and goodwill. Finally, in the season finale, Jared grew suspicious of Zeke for obvious reasons. Some jealousy was plausible, but he had good reasons to question Zeke’s creepy activities. They started fighting in Michaela’s house while reaching out for the gun. The season ends with a shot fired and Michaela involved. However, we don’t know who got shot or who pulled the trigger. The radio silence left us wondering if the show was too controversial for the federal government to caution NBC against producing a second series.

Some Good News for the Fans

Do you remember just how engaging the series is? Well, if you are one of the observant ones, how come you didn’t notice that the show already released its trailer close to a year ago? The showrunner didn’t declare it as a trailer, but the show did release a clip giving a lot of clues into season two. Maybe some people thought it was just a teaser or speculation cuts, but isn’t that fast becoming the tradition of this show? Judging from the vague manner in which the show forecasts into the future, we really can’t tell how season two might evolve. However, the clip showing Michaela, her brother Ben and his son Cal on flight 828 again did not strike folks as a trailer. Strange enough, the trailer shows Zeke on that flight even though he was not on it in the first instance. The NBC series was cheeky enough to release the trailer on 8/28 last year.

This NBC series received exceptionally good ratings since it premiered. It quickly grew to become a fan-favorite among the numerous series showing on prime time American television. Initially, it was planned to span out into 13 episodes, but the drama and mystery of season one extended into an impressive set of 16 compelling episodes. NBC was, in no way, just going to let such good content rest permanently. Maybe the network took long enough to develop the second series in writing and production, but the second season is coming. On the second of April 2019, NBC officially announced that it would be premiering season two of the ‘Manifest’ series later on in the year. The network did not give any specific dates, and that could be a tactic aimed at creating even more anticipation and speculation. Some of us think it will premiere in the fall. Some others speculate that it could premiere on August 28t (828).

What Does Executive Producer Jake Say about All the Fuss?

He claims that the callings are a way for dark and mysterious characters to use the flight passengers for devious reasons. What else can we expect from this bone-chilling series in its renewed form? What drama will unfold in the second season? For starters, all the surviving survivors of the mysterious flight 828 discovered that they are living on borrowed time. They all found themselves at the airport where the airplane 828 blows up in their face. They know about their comrades who’ve started dying mysteriously after their return from speculated death. Worse still, they found out that they’d all die simultaneously on June 2, 2024.

It is safe to say that season one was gut-wrenching for all of the 191 passengers of flight 828. However, they were just more confused than scared or anxious. In season two, they won’t be just mending broken relationships and trying to fill in the social blanks. They will all be frantically trying to solve the mystery of their convoluted fate. They’d all be desperately trying to save their lives and buy more time. According to Jeff Rake, the showrunner, that revelation would certainly cause a lot of tension and plot twists in the second season.

Maybe you are one of the 10+ million people who watched the first season of ‘Manifest’. You certainly are waiting on the second season to premiere, right? Well, I have a tip for you. Binge watch the first season with someone who hasn’t watched it before. You’ll have plenty of time to do it before season two comes to soak in all the details and literary devices exploited by the brilliant writers of the show. For those who haven’t watched season one, please do before season two premieres. Otherwise, you just keep stumbling upon spoilers such as this article right here. I can guarantee what happens next on the show. However, I can surely bet it will be worth the ride and the emotional roller-coaster.

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