Will There Be Any More Bourne Movies?

Speaking from a personal standpoint and definitely on board with some folks I really hope to never see another Bourne movie come out again, but the likelihood isn’t diminished to nothing just yet. Already Matt Damon and a few others are stating that they’d be on board with another film if only to close out the story finally. Though honestly it seems that any one of the movies could have done this and put a nice cap on it without having to keep going and possibly sacrifice the fanbase in the process. The Bourne Legacy was a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people since switching up the main character wasn’t something that a lot of fans would have voted for if given the chance. Jeremy Renner is a great action star but at the same time he wasn’t Jason Bourne and the whole movie kind of fell apart because of this and other factors. In fact the whole idea of Jason Bourne has been kind of de-evolving since the second film came out. There’s been plenty of hype and plenty of interest, but the films have been doing less and less as they’ve continued to come out, and over a decade later people are starting to lose interest as they look for greener pastures.

This is the ultimate downfall of any action movie series however since the first is great, the second is okay, and any that come after this tend to have the stigma placed upon them that they’ll never measure up to the first movie in any way. In the Bourne series the films each had their own decidedly good points that allowed them to continue forward in a manner that allowed each movie to stand as its own individual entity, but the connections between them should have been slightly smoother and less choppy if they really wanted a go at a series that would continue to entice people. Some might say that’s the whole point of the Bourne movies, that it’s kept choppy because of who he is and what he’s been through, and they’d probably be right. But to many a viewer it’s kind of hard to follow and requires them to go back and watch the previous films again in order to figure out just what’s going on and what they missed.

In regards to those involved with making the film, Matt Damon has said that he’d love to do another film but the stunts are starting to take a toll on him since he’s well into his 40s and can’t do as much as he used to. Not everyone can be like Tom Cruise after all, who’s still doing stunts well into his 50s and paying for them when they go wrong as happened on the latest Mission: Impossible film. No doubt the actors that would be brought in for the next movie, if there is one, would be younger and perhaps far more capable taking Bourne down than any of the others he’s faced. It might come down to Bourne finally having to admit defeat or take someone with him in an effort to finally get the ending he wants. After all this is a guy that’s been put through the ringer more than once and with more than one woman at his side.

He’s also a dangerous character that can do just about anything it takes to survive and to evade those that are after him as it’s been seen in the movies. He’s not superhuman, but he’s also well above the average human being when it comes to the level of intelligence he possesses and the skills he has at his disposal. Jason Bourne is the guy you don’t mess with unless you’re just as skilled and as focused as he is, in which case you might not mess with him anyway since it would still be a close fight. But in terms of being a movie tough guy he’s almost at the top of the heap given that he’s one of the deadliest assassins in cinema that doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities.

When he first came out on film Jason Bourne didn’t seem like much, he was found floating in the water, his memory was gone, and it was assumed that he was something of a tough guy when he took on two police officers and beat them senseless without much trouble. But as the movies kept coming we got to see just how very complex he was and how dangerous he could be thanks to his skill set and his ability to adapt to any situation on the move. Even after being shot in the back during one movie he was able to keep going until he found the means to patch himself up and continue onward.

IF there is another movie coming out, and that’s a big if, it would really need to be the last one.


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