Will These Days of Our Lives Rumors Prove True?

Days of Our Lives fans know that so many things can happen in an instant, and that is usually how things go on soaps. There is nothing that is off limits in many situations, and most people can agree that they’ve seen things they didn’t even think were possible watching shows like this. We get it. We can see it happening, and we know that there is so much more to this than meets the eye. For example, we know that there is something going on all the time that might be what it seems, but it might be so much more. That’s where predictions come into play. Is this what it seems to be, or is this something so much more than we thought possible? We don’t always have the answers, but we thought we might take some of the rumors going around about what is going on right now and bring them to light. Are they true or not? What do you think?

Kate is In Love

One of the big rumors going around is that Kate is going to fall in love toward the end of 2019. We know that she had a smallish fling with Ted while they were being held captive by Crazy Kristin, but was that something more serious than we thought? We vote no, since that is not something that will go anywhere. He’s gone, and Kristin made sure of that. So, that is not the love interest that she was going to fall for according to rumors. It seems that she is going to fall long and hard for Tony because she thinks that he is her dear, beloved Andre. Could this be a rumor that might come true? Is this something we think can actually happen in this year? Is 2019 the year that she finally finds a man who interests her and is not the man whom she has loved her entire life? We cannot be sure, but we do think that she is going to fall in love, and we also think she is going to end up burned by love in the process. It might not be good for her.

Nicole Is Pregnant

This is where we get a little crazy about this situation. We hear that there is a rumor going around about Nicole, and that rumor is that she is going to take a pregnancy test and it is going to be positive. This might seem like lovely news considering she is a woman who is unable to get pregnant and had to have her friend have her own baby for her in the past, but that’s not the story. The story is that Nicole is not Nicole. She is Kristin. And she’s been sleeping with Brady, and now he will find out that he’s not gotten Nicole pregnant. He is, in fact, having a baby with Kristin. The woman he hates more than any other woman in the entire world. This is not going to end well, but this might be the kind of situation we do see coming. It would make sense, as Kristin will do anything and everything she can to get him to fall in love with her and make him feel trapped in this life.

Xander and Sarah

What will she do with her life? She’s lost Rex, which does seem to be all right with her. But, now she has bigger problems to deal with. Not only is she not going to get married this year, she’s also not going to end up with Eric. He cannot help that he does have feelings for her, but they are just nothing in comparison to his feelings for Nicole. Even if he believes that his brother is dating Nicole in the moment, he will not stop feeling this way for her. We hear that this might leave the door open for Xander to move in on Sarah, and we hear he will do it. She might just fall for it, too. That might shock us, since she is such a nice woman, but we know that some people can change or at least convince people they have changed enough to get a chance.

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