William Shatner to Appear in Betty White’s Hot in Cleveland Live Premiere

William Shatner isn’t seen all that much on TV anymore now that $#@! My Dad Says is off the air, except if you watched this year’s Oscars in which he was a central figure for one of Seth MacFarlane’s jokes. Rather, he’s more or less become a fixture on Twitter, occasionally making headlines for sparring with Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher. I still can’t tell if that feud is real or not.

In any case, he’s returning to television for a guest role on Betty White’s upcoming Hot in Cleveland premiere, airing June 19th on TV Land. The twist is that the premiere is going to be live, and has two separate east and west coast airings. Pressure’s on!

No word yet on what role Shatner will have, but if he’s a love interest for White, that would certainly delight most of the viewership I’m sure. Shatner had this to say about working with the actress after the announcement was made:

“At long, long last, I am working with someone who is older than me.”

Good one, Bill.

TV Land promises that the Hot In Cleveland premiere will be full of “mobsters, mistaken identities, special guest stars, and twists and turns.” Shatner is one of the guest stars obviously, but so is The Office’s Brian√ā¬†Baumgartner, whose role is unknown. If I had to guess, I’d say he might be playing one of the mobsters. Perhaps Shatner could be as well.

Does Shatner’s appearance mean you’re looking forward to the Hot in Cleveland premiere any more than you were before?

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