Would You Rather Hire Boba Fett or Cad Bane as Your Bounty Hunter?

Quite often when it comes down to who’s better than who in terms of a fight or in terms of skill, people will argue incessantly unless there happens to be a clear-cut winner that people can agree on no matter who a person favors. Most of the time when it comes to who’s the best bounty hunter in the Star Wars franchise, one will hear Boba Fett’s name come up. Lately, they might say Din Djarin thanks to the popularity of The Mandalorian, but for those that have been paying attention, Cad Bane is also one of the top names that come up rather often. Aurra Sing, Fennec Shand, and others also make the list, but when it comes to being feared among the galaxy by targets and peers alike, Fett and Bane are by far the most well known to many sentient beings. With Cad Bane’s recent appearance in The Bad Batch though it does have people talking about who would come out on top if the two were to face off with one another. The interesting thing about this is that there were plans for an arc in which Bane would have still served as Fett’s mentor before they parted ways.

A video clip does exist that’s non-canon, featuring Bane and Fett drawing down on one another, with Bane’s blaster bolt putting the well-known dent in Boba’s helmet, while Boba’s shot put Bane down for the count. It would appear that both bounty hunters were equally quick and deadly with their shots, but whether Bane would survive or not, Fett is definitely seen as a little tougher. The thing about Cad Bane is that he opts for style and speed, whereas by contrast, Fett is a walking tank bristling with weapons. He’s still a skilled killer and bounty hunter, and can honestly say that he’s survived encounters with Jedi just as Bane has, but Fett’s armor has saved his life a few times thanks to its durability and the fact that he basically lives in it most of the time. To many people, a suit of armor is cumbersome and not entirely natural, but as a clone of his father, even unaltered, Fett is able to fit into the armor quite easily and has molded it to his body over the years until it’s like a second skin.

Bane is the kind of hunter that opts for speed and overall menace since his appearance is a little terrifying given his red-eyed glare and a wide-brimmed hat that can hide his face when he lowers his chin. This kind of makes Bane a student and master of theatrics, which can go a long way towards intimidating his targets and his opponents.  When comparing the two it’s kind of hard to say who would be better to hire since it kind of depends on the job. The fact is that they both have great track records of taking on a job and seeing it through, but again, Fett is the one that might be best for heavier work while Bane, as great as he is, might be the hunter that’s better for the quick in and out jobs. But then again, it’s still difficult to decide since they’re both skilled in similar ways.

That durability that Fett possesses is hard to match though, and he might edge Bane out just barely since Bane relies on his quickness and skill more than his ability to take a hit, and without the aid of a suit made of Beskar, one might think that Bane would have to be quicker and a lot smarter than other bounty hunters just to survive. There’s no doubt that he is this and more, but with Fett, the edge is there simply because he can take more hits and keep coming. On top of that, Bane has survived Jedi encounters as well, but if he were to attempt to block a lightsaber he’d be minus a limb or two, which means his quickness and intelligence have to come into play far more often. Fett isn’t a dumb individual by any means since he’s proved his intelligence many times, but again, he has the edge since he has the skills that Bane possesses, but he also has the protection that makes him a little tougher to deal with.

Plus, given that the two bounty hunters belong to different time periods, as Boba was still growing up during Bane’s peak hunting days, it’s fair to say that Bane might have either retired or met his end before the original trilogy since aging bounty hunters aren’t bound to last long in a business where speed is a skill all its own. But trying to pick between the two when they’re both in their prime would be difficult, to say the least since they’re both insanely skilled and obviously deadly.

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