Yes, September 18th is Officially Rambo Day

Sometimes it feels right to look at the people that assign ‘official’ days and wonder just what’s going on in their heads. Are they being serious? Did they suffer a traumatic brain injury, or are they simply that insane as to think that singling out a day for a fictional character, or anything else for that matter, is really necessary? Some might think this argument would easily extend to the holidays but here’s the kicker: holidays were established due to real events and practices that have been going on for longer than many realize. Rambo has been around for a while, but despite the fact that some feel he honors veterans and their struggle with PTSD, as Brian B. from MovieWeb has written, Rambo Day is kind of an eye-rolling announcement that’s right up there with some of the more inane ideas that have come down the pipeline throughout the years. In all honesty it’s not the worst, but it’s definitely enough to make a person stop and shake their head as they try to understand just why such a thing would happen and who would okay it.

It’s not too hard to understand why this would happen since the (hopefully) last Rambo movie is coming out soon and people are undeniably psyched to see what he’s going to do to the enemy in this movie since he’s gotten pretty creative in the past. Even in the last Rambo he was just flat out vicious and used pretty much anything he could or had on his person to carve a bloody path through his enemies. In this instance however it seems as though he’s got a lot of time to prepare and has a whole bunch of toys to play with, so to speak, that will be capable of letting him take on a small army if he has to. The one thing that Rambo never seems to be is unable to defend himself, and throughout the movies it’s been seen that he’s more than capable of taking whatever’s around him and turning it into a weapon that can wreak the desired damage. Well this time he’s on his own home turf and has a lot of things that he knows how to use in order to achieve the same effect.

But Rambo Day? Seriously? That makes about as much sense as some of the other days that have been set aside such as Bean Day, Thesaurus Day, Scrabble Day, or any other mundane day that might be recognized only by a select few. Do we really need to add another day? Granted, those that enjoy this kind of activity might actually get into it, but at the same time it’s almost a little too much to take since it seems to insist that every single day has to be special for some reason, even though looking at the calendar there are at least a few days left that don’t have a designation as of yet. Just wait, they’ll be taken up eventually by something just as silly.

It’s easy to get the feeling that Sylvester Stallone is starting to come closer and closer to retirement or at least to something that might be a chance to move on from his old movies since he’s hopefully passed on the torch to Michael B. Jordan after Creed II, and will finally tie up the Rambo series, much as everyone thought he did with the last movie. Then there’s the rumor of a new Tango and Cash movie coming out, which is funny since that one seemed to have been a one and done kind of deal. It almost makes it seem as though he might be trying to close out a couple of franchises while trying to start on other movies to see what direction he can go in. This could be the case with the Expendables as well, though it’s hard to say just who else he’s going to bring in on that front and who he’ll be able to get back since the old dogs are starting to get a little long in the tooth for the kind of action they used to enjoy. And for Sly, who’s managed to get into his movies so often by doing his own stunts, his body just can’t take it as much as it used to.

So along with John Rocha of Collider and everyone else, celebrate Rambo Day if you want but it just seems a bit off for some reason since it’s the kind of thing that seems more about publicity and for hype than anything and will be forgotten once it’s all said and done anyway. After all there are so many days that have been ‘recognized’ at this point that the overlap is nothing short of insane and even a bit comical given that some days have more than one designation to them at this point.

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