Young and the Restless Couples with the Best Chemistry

Young and the Restless fans are never sure what to think about things that happen around here on a regular basis, but there is one thing we know for certain. Some people are some of the best of all time, and they might have the best chemistry in the world. There are a few couples around Genoa City who make the best couples, and it’s not just because we like them together. It’s because their chemistry is off the charts. It is nothing short of totally amazing. It’s the best of the best, and we love it. Now, we get to see how things unfold and what they mean for others, and that’s good news, too. These are some of our favorite couples on the show. Their heat and their chemistry rival nothing else. They are the ones we love to see.

Adam and Sharon

These two. They are awful. As a whole, we don’t care for either of them. She’s a hot mess who cannot do anything other than make everyone miserable when she has a chance. She is never happy in her own life, and she’s always looking to find a way to make everyone else live her life to her standards. Adam, on the other hand, is an even bigger mess than she is. He is someone who cannot find happiness no matter how hard he tries or how much he looks for it. He is miserable and unhappy and there is nothing in his heart that will ever change that. But, together, they are literally on fire. There is so much chemistry between them, and it’s obvious they cannot deny it. They cannot be near one another without actually becoming the couple who rips one another’s clothes off and makes us wonder if they could be any hotter. They have it, but they will never work. We can say that for certain. They are too selfish, both too unhappy in their lives, and they are too much of a mess to bother. But, we love them, and we want to see it happen for them sometimes. Keyword here is sometimes.

Nikki and Victor

We might not be looking at a couple who is new or young or anything like that, but they know how to bring the heat. We assume it is what keeps them married for so long around here when they are so bad to one another on a regular basis. They have a lot more to offer one another than most people their age, and they always bring it. They might not be happy with one another just as much as they are, but they will never do anything better than they do teamwork. They are everything teamwork personifies and embodies, and we love that about them. They are good together. They are so good together. They are everything we love about a couple who is good together, even when they are not. They make us smile, and they are going to spend their lives together make one another happy in the most miserable way. We love them, and that’s all there is to it.

Phyllis and Nick

We don’t for one second think that they would ever make a good couple in real life. They are no good for one another. She is not his type. He is not her type. They would never work in a traditional sense of being a couple that got married, lasted, and had a little family and a white picket fence around their home. They are the kind of couple who will never do that. But they are the couple who can bring so much heat into the bedroom that it goes noticed by everyone on the show. They have it all, and we like it. We like that they have so much to offer. We like that they have so much to do. We like that they are this way. We like that they have this kind of chemistry and this kind of heat. We also think it’s why they would never work. They cannot be together like this because they are too hot for television, but we do love when they occasionally get together and make us all feel their chemistry.

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