Young and the Restless Couples with the Worst Chemistry

Young and the Restless fans are quick to judge when a new couple shows up. We love to see everyone hooking up and having a good time, but it’s not always the best of the best. You see, there are times when things don’t work out for others, and there are times when they do. We love it when a couple is able to show up and be the kind of couple we love and support, and we love it when they have some amazing chemistry. Unfortunately, there are other times when there is just no chemistry between a couple, and we cannot get on board with that. They can’t make it work. They can’t find the time to make it work, and they can’t make their love seem real. It’s not good, and these are the couples we think make it impossible to love them.

Abby and Nate

We really, really want to like them. We want to see them work it out and make it work and be good together, but we can’t. We are trying, and it is not working out for us. There is just nothing there that works for us and makes this a situation that seems good to go, but that’s all there is to it. We cannot figure it out or make it seem like something we can get on board with, and that is just fine. But, we can see things unfolding in another manner. This is a couple who might want to make it work, but she is not as into him as he is into her, and that typically means there is no chemistry. There is not a thing going on that they can do for one another, and we get that. They don’t have it. It’s all right. They simply cannot make it work, and it’s not going to be a thing. Also, we are fairly certain he’s off doing something he should not be doing to begin with, and that makes it even more difficult to see them together.

Mariah and Tessa

Can we stop for a moment and say that they might be our least favorite couple of all time around here? Mariah is too good for Tessa. Sorry not sorry. She is a good woman with a beautiful heart and a snarky attitude, and Tessa was never going to be good enough for her. She was never going to fit the bill the way that it needed to be fit. She can’t bring that to the table, and it always felt like something was being forced. It always felt like Mariah was more into Tessa, and that Tessa was always playing her to get what she wanted. It simply was not there, and there is nothing you can do about that to make it better. You cannot force that kind of feeling for someone if it is not there, and we as fans can attest to the fact that it is simply not there and there is nothing we can do about it. They didn’t have what it took to work.

Nick and Chelsea

We just don’t see it. Some people do, and that’s all right. But all we see when they are together are two people who tried and failed to make it work because they simply don’t have the kind of feelings one needs to make a relationship of this magnitude work out for one another. There’s not much that they have for one another other than some animosity and some ugly feelings, and some desperate desire to see if there is a way to make things work in their favor. We just don’t see it, and we cannot make it work in our minds. She’s forever the grifter who takes people to the cleaners to get what she wants. She doesn’t love any man as much as she loves his wallet and the life he can give her, and she’s never going to have the same kind of chemistry with Nick that she’s had with some of the other men in her life. And he will never feel about her the way he feels about Sharon when he’s not upset with her.

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