Young and the Restless Spoilers: Happy New Year

Young and the Restless fans are all excited that the new year is here and that there is so much to celebrate, but we have to focus on the changes being made around the show. There are some people who are gone, some who will come back, and there are even people behind the scenes losing their jobs. It’s not a big surprise when you take into consideration the fact that not everything lasts forever, but we have to take into consideration the fact that many people need to find a way to make their lives feel better and more free when they have the opportunity. Mal Young is a head writer and producer on the show, and he is out. He’s been let go as of last month, and he’s not coming back. The rumor is that no one wanted to see him stick around and that his attitude has been an ugly one for a while. Regardless, we want to know what else might be changed in the new year. It is, after all, a new year and that means new changes and things of that nature come into play. What do we think might change in the new year?

Family Alliances

There are a set of families in Genoa City who make the tables turn, and we suspect that they will have some family alliances fall apart through the new year. We expect to see that Nick and his family will fall further apart despite the fact that he just told them he will be there for them in a way that he feels Victor has not been able to do. But we don’t know that he will continue to do that. He’s got his own life these days, and he’s spent a lot of time in recent months making sure that he doesn’t have close ties to his family.

And then there is Jack. The Abbott family has fallen apart more than once, but it’s bad right now. They are all working against one another if they are working together at all, and they are all having issues with one another we cannot even begin to explain. That’s just one of those things that works for us, but it also makes us feel that we are going to see a lot more of this problem come to light. He might forgo Kyle and everything else, and that might be interesting considering he’s also in a new relationship.

A Shift in Relationships

If there is one thing that we can expect to see in the new year, it’s some people stop what they are up to and find someone else to spend their lives with. We don’t think that Nick and Phyllis will work out. We do think that there is a larger chance that Abby and Arturo might make things work, and we certainly don’t think that Jack will really stay invested in Kerry much longer than he finds her useful for whatever it is he is after at the moment. Nikki and Victor – if she survives – might find a way to make it work and be there for one another in a happy manner. It’s been a while for them, so that will be a nice change if they can make it one. And then there is the dynamic between Sharon and Rey. We think it might go further. And we also think that there is a big chance that Victoria and Billy will end up together.

Friendships Changed

We know there is a group of women who are worried right now, and they are not all friends. However, we suspect that there is a good chance they will all be good friends before this is all said and done. We think that Sharon and her daughter will not be so close in the first few months of the new year if it is up to Mariah. She’s not happy with the way her mother has been acting lately, and she’s especially upset that she basically kidnapped her own girlfriend and accused her of horrible things when she had the chance to do that. It’s been interesting, and we suspect it might be worse as the days wear on.

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