Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack’s Plan is In Motion

Young and the Restless fans are just over here wondering what on earth made Ashley keep this secret from Jack for so long. He’s been looking for his father for how long now? He’s been a total mess who will lose his mind if he doesn’t find out where he came from, and she’s known and kept it from him? She’s a mess, too, but this all plays into what we know about Eileen Davidson leaving the show. Ash had to go out with a bang, and this is one of the best bangs we’ve seen in a long time. This is not something we think that they can all fix, but we do think that this is something that will make all of this so much better. We saw Abby confront her mother, too, and that surprised Ash. She’s family, and she will do anything to protect her daughter, but Abby couldn’t believe she did this.

Meanwhile, Nick is not happy with Rey. He sees the man moving in on Sharon. It doesn’t really seem to resonate with him that he did cheat on Sharon and that their wedding was ruined because of that little secret. He’s not about to let Rey move in on the woman he loves, and he’s going to do anything and everything to take this man down if it kills him. His entire family is a mess right now, and he will do anything and everything he can to make this work and to get this situation under control. We know that he has to step it up at the moment, and we think that he can do it. We think that he can sit back and really make this work for himself. And we think that Rey needs to watch out right now.

What’s Happening on the Young and the Restless

We have one question here. We’ve all been angry enough at some point in our lives that we would love to pick up a chair and throw it straight through a sheet of glass. But, we don’t do it. Do you think that this is as satisfying as it looks, or do you think it would be nothing more than a giant letdown if you tried it yourself?

What’s Next on the Young and the Restless

Jack’s always got a plan in motion, and today is no different. He wants to find a way to get back into what he feels is his while he also has a way with taking down his sister for all she did to him, but things will not go as he planned. We will hear him make a plan and execute it today in some manner, but things will turn around on him and he will not be able to make it work. We don’t know what that means or how that will work, but we do know that there is a good chance things will turn around for him in a moment. It’s going to work out in a way that does seem to be interesting.

We will also see a lot more of what is going on with Rey and Sharon, and it’s coming from her daughter. Mariah is not a stupid woman. She needs to know what is going on and what her mother is up to. She’s not going to sit back and allow anyone to make these changes and be with her mother without her approval, and we know she’s simply not as trusting as her mother is. And she’s got her back. She might be upset with Nick, too, but Mariah would rather see her mother happy with him than with a man she doesn’t know and isn’t sure about. So, she’s on the case, and that might make Rey mad. And when he turns on Mariah, Sharon will be furious.

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