Young and the Restless Story Line Predictions

Young and the Restless fans are watching this new year start with as much confusion as we watched the past year go by. There are too many story lines going on at one time to make much sense, but that’s never stopped the show before. We have to admit that while we don’t always get what they are looking to do around Genoa City, we do appreciate that they keep us on our toes so often. But, that comes at a price. One price we pay is wondering what might happen, and then being shocked at the realization that it did not happen – at all. We are forced to sit back and wonder what if our predictions do come true, only to realize that they might not. We have a few for the rest of the year, too. Here’s what we predict based on the current story lines for the rest of 2019.

Arturo and Mia

We cannot deny the fact that they have something going on between them. She might be married to his brother, but that does not seem to stop her from being overly involved in his own life, as well. She’s a woman who doesn’t seem to have much going on in her life other than making sure this family is miserable knowing she is there to change the way they are going to live their own lives. She’s clearly been in an affair with her brother-in-law in the past, and that is nothing that will shock anyone. This is a town in which everyone shares everyone, so they fit right in. But she’s spending more and more time with Arturo, who just confessed his love for Abby, and we have to wonder if that means things will change in the near future. There’s little we don’t see happening here, and it’s not like Abby will ever find a man who isn’t just like all the other men in her life. They never do right by her.

Cane and Victoria

While many of us were very excited about the possibility of Vickie and Billy getting back together, there does not seem to be a very big chance this will happen at all. We aren’t sure what to think or say or do about any of this, but we do have a feeling that there is nothing else we can do when we consider this. They are a couple who does not belong together, clearly. And with her fighting feelings for Cane, who is a very married man, we don’t know what might happen around here. He’s confused about his wife, who has changed so much since she went to prison, and that makes us think that there is very little that they might be able to control in their own lives. We also predict that Jill will become involved in this somehow. She’s been there for Cane for a long time, and she does want to see Billy end up with Vickie, but she’s also in the business of protecting the people in her life. And that means she’s got a lot going on.

Lily’s Return

We all know that her prison sentence was only for one year to begin with, but this is going to be that moment in which people forget that things work the way they are meant to. She will probably end up getting out sooner because of her good behavior, and we know that she will be a changed woman when she gets out of jail. She will be the kind of woman who is going to have her life together, and she will have something else going on. She will be harder, more cutthroat, and her marriage is already over. She may not know this yet, but Cane is making sure of this with his reaction to how Vickie is treating him and how things are going on in their lives. There is nothing she can do, but she will find out. This is not going to be something that works out for her, and we have a feeling she will come home with some hopes of revenge in her mind when she finds out what happened behind her back. After all, he’s been a cheater before.

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