Young and the Restless: The Many Faces of Victoria

Young and the Restless fans know that Victoria is a woman with some issues. She’s been here and there, she’s done this and that, and she’s currently in the middle of having an affair with a man who is married to another woman. A man who almost lost his wife and his family a year ago because he got another woman pregnant, lied, and then almost ruined Victoria’s business as a result. He’s not been the greatest of all the men to take on this role, but Victoria only seems to be making big mistakes with him every time we turn around. And that makes us wonder one thing – who, of all the Victoria’s, is your favorite? This is a role that’s been played by more than one actress over the years, and we just want to know which one you like the most.

Ashley Nicole Millan

When Vickie was first introduced into the show, she was played by this woman. This was way back in 1982. She held onto the role until 1990 as a child actress – which is actually kind of a long time for a child actress to take on a role like this one. She was cute, and then she was aged in the early 90s. They needed this actress to become a woman who was older and more dramatic. After all, we know that kids are cute but they don’t bring much drama to the table if you’re trying to consider roles like this one a bit more dramatic.

Heather Tom

You currently know and love her as Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful, but she was Victoria Newman from 1990 until 2003. She was the first grown up actress to take on this role as a teen, and she did well. She put this character on the map, and she made her who she is today. She might be our favorite. We love her and the passion and the drama she brings to every role she plays, so she was a natural to take on this one. She made poor decisions, she was powerful and she was a mess. And we loved her. She didn’t want to stay put on the show because she felt that things were not going as she wanted them to go for her character, and she decided to go her own way.

Sarah Aldrich

She was never meant to be Victoria forever, and we know why. While she was not bad at the role, she was only there when Tom took an 8-month leave of absence. They needed this character, and they needed to hire someone to take over. This was back in 1997, so you might not even remember her as someone you know. She was a quick replacement who did what she needed to do, but that was that. She did well, but she was never meant to be more than just a short replacement for a quick moment.

Amelia Heinle

She’s refreshing change. She was brought in as of 2005 to take on this role, and she’s been here for nearly 14 years now. The show took nearly a year off of having Victoria around because they were having the worst time trying to find someone to take on the role. They hired several women over that year, but they disliked them in the role, and that meant they were let go before they ever made it onto the screen. When they found her, they knew they found gold. For something so big, they were so right. She’s been Vickie for nearly 14 years, and she’s made us forget that anyone else was ever this role. So, she goes down as our favorite, but we do love Heather Tom and all she brought to the show, too. It’s been good.

Who is your favorite? The child star was cute and all, but it all comes down to who makes the better Vickie as an adult – Heather Tom or Amelia Heinle? They are both spectacular, but it’s hard for us to imagine them in any other roles than the ones they are in now on their own respective television shows. They both won big time on that one, don’t you think?

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