Young and the Restless: Vickie Distances Herself from Scandal

Young and the Restless shows us that no one is ever afraid to be near a scandal. We know that Victoria is in a bad place right now in the middle of one of her own, but she is doing whatever it takes to move away from this and to get her own life to fall away from what is going on with her family. You’d think at this point in her life she would be accustomed to the fact that her family is filled with drama and they don’t have much more to offer one another than the scandals they can’t seem to stay out of, but things never seem to work that way.

She’s in the middle of trying to distance herself from things, but here comes her sister with her issues and their problems – and she’s not ready for it. She wants Abby to leave her alone and get out of her life, but she can’t seem to make that happen. She’s been blindsided by so many things, and she’s not all that certain she can figure this out.

What might happen to her as she continues to try and move herself away from all this? Is she going to make a change in her own life that is going to help her make changes? She’s not sure she can handle it at all, but she’s going to try and make herself feel better about the way things are going for all of them now.

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