Young and the Restless: Abby Makes A Public Apology

Young and the Restless fans know Abby wants to be forgiven, but will anyone do it? She’s got a plan up her sleeve she thinks might just win them all over, and we are a little bit mystified by all she’s doing. We maintain our question as to why she has to apologize to so many people when this is clearly none of their actual business. The only person we think she needs to apologize to is Sharon for sleeping with her boyfriend. The fact that she needs to apologize to Mariah and to other people is a bit interesting to us. What do they have to do with Scott? They aren’t dating him so while they might feel sorry for their friend Sharon, it’s not their business.

We are still just baffled that Abby feels she needs to apologize to so many people, but that’s precisely what she plans on doing. She’s going to make it her mission in life to be sure she’s able to help the people she loves, and we are sure she’s going to make a scene of it.

She’s written an apology letter, and she plans on gathering a group of men and women to whom she will read the letter. She is taking this a bit far, and they aren’t really letting her stop. These people need to realize they’re not due an apology. It’s crazy to us this is what is happening, and it’s crazy to us that this is going on.

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