Young and the Restless: Lily’s Feeling Good

Young and the Restless fans can’t say that Lily seems upset these days. She’s managed to convince her brother that having a baby with Hilary is a terrible choice, that he should not do this, and that they should not focus  on anything like this anymore. She’s managed to take Hilary’s dream right out from under her, and she’s appreciative of that. She’s certainly not going to make it her first priority to mess this up, but she’s making it her priority to get what she wants from this situation.

She’s feeling pretty good about the way things are going for her, and she’s feeling good that she’s getting what she wants from her brother. She’s not unfocused on Hilary, though. She has to keep her eye on her to make sure the woman isn’t plotting or planning anything of her own in the meantime. She’s got a lot to focus on right now, and she’s not going to like the way things are going for her right now.

We suspect she will need to keep constant vigilance on Hilary to make sure she’s not undermining her, but we think that Hilary will have a few of her own plans up her sleeve as things progress for her and her life. She’s not someone who so easily or readily gives up, so she might just take it upon herself to figure out what she can do and how she can to do it to still convince Devon to change his mind.

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