Young and the Restless Spoilers: Could Adam Come Back?

Young and the Restless fans are still wondering what might happen with Adam Newman. Is he dead, alive, hiding, missing, what? There is no answer right now. We hear this and that and the other, and we have no idea if he is around or if he is missing – and we have no idea if there is a chance he could be able to come back. What we do know is Victor is very adamant that he wants Chloe alive and well within his reach, and we suspect it’s because he knows she knows something.

If Adam comes back later this year, how will it go down? We want to know if there is a chance Victor has known all along that his son is alive, or did he find out somewhere down the road, or did he plan the entire thing himself? Did Chloe tell him because she knew it was the only way to ensure she stayed alive throughout this situation? We don’t always know what is going on in a situation like this one, but we do know there is always a chance someone is alive.

If he comes back, what kind of drama will this cause? Will it mean Chloe is forgiven for her act and role in this situation, or will it mean that Victor is the hero? We have no doubt he would relish this as his own role, but we are not entirely certain he can handle that on his own. We know that he has some issues to work though, and this might be one.

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