Young and the Restless Spoilers: Cane is Jealous

Young and the Restless fans think that Cane is getting a bit of what he deserves. He cheated on his wife with Juliet. He took down Billy and used Juliet to do it, so she lost her job. She knows he did this to her, and now she’s suing him for sexual harassment. He’s living a nightmare right now, but his wife has decided to stay on his side even though we think she suspects what he told her is not true.

But now Cane is very upset when he realizes that Lily has turned to Jordan. They’re friends, so it’s not unnatural — but he doesn’t like it. When Jordan is there to spend time with Lily, he’ gave her a supportive hug and that’s when Cane walked in. Now he’s jealous of his wife and her friend, and this is not doing him any favors at the moment. He has too much on his plate to bother with what’s going on in his home.

Lily hasn’t done anything inappropriate — yet. She’s got a history of it, so we don’t believe there’s no chance this might happen. She’s going to find herself more and more suspicious of her husband, and that means she might just fall for Jordan and not be able to help herself. Will this happen? Will it happen when evidence is leaked that Cane did exactly what Juliet accused him of doing? What does this mean for them? We don’t know if they will make it through this one.

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