Young and the Restless: Is Victoria Really Sick?

Young and the Restless fans know that Victoria hasn’t been feeling overly well since she got into that fight with Abby, but she’s been ignoring things. She’s finally decided she feels poorly enough she should see her doctor. She needs some relief, and the doctor is the only one who can give it to her. Of course, it’s not in her plan to spend so much time with the doctor, but she makes the trip to the office and decides to get it out of the way so she can get back to her old self and conquer the world.

What she finds out when she visits the doctor is more than she bargained for. She thought it might just be something simple. A prescription might take care of it, right? We don’t know what her issue is, but fainting, being dizzy, and having horrible headaches is never a good sign. She’s going to be diagnosed soon, but we need to know something.

Will Billy go through this with her? We think he will, since she is the mother of his kids. We have a feeling this might be just the thing she needs to get her man back. She needs him to fall in love with her again, and her illness might not be ideal, but it might be just what she needed to make that happen. She might welcome the diagnosis she’s going to get. And if it’s not bad enough, will she pretend it is?

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