Zack Snyder Doesn’t Hold Back his Feelings on Warner Bros.

People are still going to agree to disagree, maybe, on whether or not Zack Snyder is still a good fit for Warner Bros., but as of right now it doesn’t sound a though the studio is going to be bringing him back. Instead, it sounds like we’re going to see another Superman movie with JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates. But the Snyderverse, which people are wanting to see continue, doesn’t appear to be on their radar at the moment. It’s fair to say that Snyder is feeling some way about that and he’s not entirely happy about the fact that Warner Bros. has essentially thrown him a bone and shut the door. As one of those that didn’t think that the Snyder Cut was all that, or even a bag of chips, it’s still pretty cold to think that Snyder would be chucked at this point since he’s done quite a bit of work for Warner Bros. Despite the fact that his style is a little too dark at times and kind of hard to get into simply because of the constant exaggeration of certain scenes, it’s still easy to think that he’d be better for Warner Bros. than several others since he’s already done so much. The Snyderverse isn’t something that I would personally endorse, but leaving Warner Bros. to their own devices when it comes to developing the rest of the DC universe is something that’s already feeling like it’s going to be a bad idea. Seriously, even thinking about arguing this point makes it feel like something that a lot of people who are just here for a good movie, no matter who’s directing, would rather bow out of since endorsing Snyder is feeling like the better option, but doing that also means that one is endorsing his style of filming and possibly admitting that the Snyder Cut was a huge improvement. It can be done, but it’s a balancing act that a lot of people wouldn’t want to attempt.

Let’s just go ahead and say that Warner Bros. is doing Snyder a bit dirty by giving into the DC fanbase by releasing the Snyder Cut and then cutting him loose. That should be enough to state that Snyder is justified in being more than a little upset with the current situation. But if there’s anything else to be said about this it’s that Snyder should be able to make his mark pretty much anywhere he decides to, while Warner Bros. will be doing their own thing no matter how it turns out. Both parties are quite successful, and a back and forth type of battle isn’t about to happen since really, it doesn’t sound as though WB really cares enough to make such a thing happen. Even with Snyder no longer biting his tongue it feels as though WB is bound to make it clear that they did what they felt was necessary and are now moving on. It’s also fair to say that they might be biding their time to see if they really need to retain Snyder’s services again, or if they can really take the risk of not moving forward with him and rely on other ideas to keep the DC universe moving forward. It feels like a gamble either way really, but at this time it’s likely that we won’t be seeing Snyder make his way back to the DC universe unless WB is ready to let him back in. It might come as a blow to a lot of fans that are going to continue pushing for the Snyderverse, but as of now, it doesn’t feel plausible.

There is word that Snyder would like to create a Star Wars movie, but even he is hesitant about this since apparently, he’s not certain whether or not he’d be able to fit his idea into the franchise in a seamless way. Much like his foray into the DC universe, he would want to do things his way and not become another cog in the franchise, which is great and all, but if it hasn’t worked with DC yet, then trying to work with Star Wars would be a humongous challenge since the fanbase can be every bit as toxic and less than forgiving. There’s no definitive reason why Snyder couldn’t direct a Star Wars movie, it just doesn’t sound like an idea that will happen in the near future. As for his relationship with WB, it’s easy to think that it’s not going to be settled so easily since it’s very likely that unless the WB decides that the Snyderverse SHOULD happen, then they’re going to remain at odds. It might be that Snyder eventually says to heck with it and simply moves on. Maybe the MCU could make good use of him by giving Snyder a story that can’t possibly muck up the continuity.

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