Zero Charges for Agent Accused of Groping Terry Crews

There’s going to be no justice for Terry Crews as there will be absolutely zero charges filed against Adam Venit, the talent agent accused of groping him at a party in early 2016. The statute of limitations ran out since Crews didn’t report it until November of 2017, and it was ruled since there was no skin on skin contact and no restraint of any kind that it wasn’t a felony. If that doesn’t make your blood burn just a little then it’s possible you think this whole thing started from a farce, or it means you’ve tried to distance yourself from the whole mess which is kind of wise in a way. But in any case, Crews won’t be seeing anything close to justice for Venit’s actions, which would have unnerved anyone and possibly made a few people lash out.

Crews is a big guy, and looking at Venit he could have likely rearranged his facial features a bit had he unloaded on the man. But thankfully despite his size Crews is also something of a nice guy, which is fortunate for Venit. An altercation on such a level would have likely gone worse for Crews than for Venit since it would have been deemed that while Venit didn’t make skin to skin contact, Crews would have been guilty of assault. That is how our justice system works, someone can pat you on the junk, twice no less, and get away with it, but if you sock them in return for daring to touch your privates you’d be the bad guy. Whatever happened to a person’s right to personal space?

One thing Crews didn’t do that he should have was reported this the night it happened or at least sometime close. It’s so easy to say that people should report these things sooner when its never happened to you but the rash of events that have gone on lately are leaving a lot of people saying the same thing. The fear of losing one’s job, of causing a scene, or of being blacklisted has cowed a lot of people into forgetting their sense of moral outrage in favor of keeping their job. That seems so very self-defeating that it’s pretty obvious why a lot of us are looking at some of these folks and wondering when they put their work over their personal well-being. A person has no right to make another person feel the need to put their job ahead of their sense of self-respect, and as such a lot of these people would have still been better speaking up when the act happened rather than burying it and worrying about what would happen if they piped up.

In Crews’ case his career was already on lock for the most part and there’s really no way that Venit could have done anything to him. So why not speak up? It was embarrassing to be certain and there could have been the thought of avoiding a scene, but it would have at least made people aware of what was happening.

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