10 Reason Why We’re Going To See Da 5 Bloods

You could definitely say that Spike Lee has been hitting a few high notes with his films as of late and Chadwick Boseman has definitely been on a roll with his career. But the upcoming movie Da 5 Bloods almost seems like a return to what a lot of people have expected from Spike Lee since his younger days, a very raw and emotional piece that has a great story to tell and something worth listening to. This time it won’t be hitting the big screen though as Lee has been shopping around to see just who wants to bit with this script. It would appear though that things are swiftly getting underway and he’s been tapping certain talent to round out the cast so that things can get moving for an eventual release. One thing is certain, a lot of people might know what kind of movie to expect, but it’s pretty certain that it will still hit us all in a very emotional spot.

Here are a few reasons why you should think about watching the movie.

10. It’s going to be on Netflix.

So honestly if you already have a Netflix account you won’t have to pay anything else to see this movie since you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. While some directors might think that this would eliminate a movie from the kind of regard that might lead to the Oscars one can only hope that such a sentiment is a shout in the wind and nothing more.

9. The movie will be starring Chadwick Boseman.

His career has been on an absolute roll now for a while and he’s been snapping up roles here and there that have made him a lot more noticeable. But of course his biggest as of yet is that of Black Panther and it’s for this reason that some folks might tune in, just to see if he’s as good when he’s not playing a superhero.

8. Spike Lee will be directing.

This is really a matter of preference since some folks happen to love the guy and think he’s a visionary while others think that he’s okay but not really the legend that others want to claim. Whatever you happen to think about him the guy has actually made some pretty good movies.

7. The film is going to be about a group of Vietnam vets that return to the jungle to search for the remains of a friend.

These types of movies at least get a good deal of attention since many soldiers can still recall their time spent in Vietnam, be it good or bad. But many would agree that leaving a fellow soldier behind was something that tore at a lot of them, no matter that the situations that led to such moments were likely quite intense.

6. People love movies that have to do with unresolved issues.

There’s something about the drama of it all that draws people in and makes them weepy and sometimes melancholy when they’re watching the movie. But it’s also these qualities that somehow make the movie a lot more gripping to some.

5. With Spike Lee at the helm one can imagine that there will be a very political lean to it.

It’s not for sure if this will happen but it’s always a possibility since it’s been rare that Spike Lee hasn’t allowed his own personal bias into the movie more than once. It is after all his movie so one has to learn to expect such things.

4. It has a possibility of becoming another big hit for Lee.

He’s been on a roll lately and it would seem that he’s had a bit of a resurgence in his reputation, though some might argue that he never really went anywhere. It’s all a matter of perspective to be honest.

3. It’s a return to the Vietnam-era mentality.

This was a horrible time in American history since the country was so divided when it came to the idea of whether US forces should have been there or not, and the fallout was even worse when many soldiers came home to a country that wanted nothing to do with them. But it is good for cinema, that much is obvious.

2. There’s more to it than just returning for a fallen comrade.

There’s been a mention that the companions will be searching for gold as well, which is kind of a balance point it would seem as it’s not just about searching for the remains of a fallen comrade. Avarice is definitely another angle that can be exploited in such films.

1. Coming off the success of BlacKkKlansmen this should be another triumph for Lee and his actors.

This film seems poised to be a hit already and it’s not even out yet. Time will tell, but a lot of people seem really excited.

It might be worth turning on Netflix when it comes out.

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