10 Reasons We’ll Be Watching “The Rook” on STARZ

The Rook is a miniseries coming to Starz and according to Denise Petski of Deadline it will be arriving by the end of this coming June. In terms of what it looks like you can already tell that the term ‘rook’ is not short for rookie since the main character is supposedly a woman that is inhabiting a body she knows nothing about and yet is is determined to find out just who she is and why she’s being targeted by someone working behind the scenes. So far from the trailer it looks like something that might be kind of exciting, especially for supernatural buffs that love being made to guess just what’s going on and who can be trusted. There’s no telling if it’s going to go past a first series or not but if it’s anything like the book then it’s going to be necessary to pay close attention so as not to get lost.

Here are a few reasons why we’re excited to watch it.

10. There’s a kind of Total Recall feel to it.

The whole idea of ‘you’re in my body but now it’s your body too’ kind of feeling is something that allows fans to kind of experience just what it might be like to experience an out of body sensation that’s been done before in several different ways.

9. The cast looks impressive.

Some of the cast members might not be known as well by many people but they’re still accomplished and have been around for a while so it’s fair to say that the casting has been fairly accurate in terms of the book and how the actors will represent their characters.

8. From the book it does seem as though there might be a possibility of a continuation.

The end of the book that this show is going to be based off of doesn’t seem to have a conclusive ending so it’s fair to say that things might be allowed to go on if the reception is good enough and people want to see more.

7. Most of the characters in this story will have supernatural abilities.

Sometimes giving too many people supernatural abilities in a story can really kill it and make it seem less than entertaining, but there is a balance that can be struck and a way to keep it interesting if the people with the abilities are still fallible.

6. Olivia Munn is always fun to watch.

She hasn’t really gotten a whole lot of credit for some of things she’s done but overall she’s been a good enough actress to deserve some praise and hopefully this will help her to elevate in the eyes of others just a bit since it would seem that she’s due.

5. The ‘whodunnit’ angle is always a good bit of fun.

This kind of story line keeps a lot of people guessing while only those that are truly aware of what’s going on will be able to tell just who is responsible for the whole mess. Hopefully no one that has read the book will go blabbing to everyone and ruin it all. While it’s not exactly the same as Endgame or any other highly anticipated movie that’s come out recently this should still be seen as a chance for people to try and figure out the mystery of it on their own.

4. Stories that start out with the protagonist entering into a strange situation are enticing.

There is something very intriguing about starting out with the protagonist not knowing where they are, what just happened, or even who they are. That gives the audience a little bit of a thrill since they get to come in not at the ground floor of the story but somewhere in between where the past and the present are going to have to collide in a way that will unfold as they continue to watch.

3. The supernatural lean of the miniseries is what might get peoples’ attention.

A lot of folks love the supernatural aspect of a movie so long as it’s not too overplayed and not too underwhelming. This is kind of a hard balance to strike on screen but with the kind of effects that are available today and the acting that’s become so much better over the years there’s a good chance that this series will turn out okay.

2. Despite the confusion of the character she still stands out as a very prominent part of the movie.

She might not come off as a very strong or willful person at first but it seems fair enough to say that eventually, once she regains at least a semblance of who she is, that she might turn into a very strong individual.

1. There’s something enticing about having those with supernatural abilities living among normal humans.

It does tend to make some people paranoid and others think that there’s a measure of truth to movies and TV shows, but from an entertainment standpoint it’s a good bit of fun.

This should be an interesting show.

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