10 Things You Didn’t Know about Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is probably one of the most fun and engaging animated movies in a long time and yet it seems to get forgotten about as often as Dori forgets what she’s doing on a regular basis. It’s never too far from memory but the fact that it kind of gets shelved every now and then for something else is a little odd. It’s almost as though the love for this movie is conditional in a way that allows people to enjoy it when there’s nothing else that they feel the need to pay attention to. That sounds horrible really but it’s about as close to the truth as it gets. Finding Nemo is the comfort story that’s always there when you need it.

But there might be a few things that you didn’t know about the movie.

10. Nemo was shown initially in Monsters, Inc. 

This is how Pixar silently begins to announce their upcoming films. Nemo was a toy in Boo’s room if you go back and watch the movie.

9. The pitch was a lot longer than it needed to be for the film.

The pitch lasted for about an hour during which the director was very animated in telling the head of Pixar just what he wanted to do. When he was done all that was said was “you had me at fish”.

8. The dentist’s diploma is from Pixar University School of Dentistry.

Maybe that’s the Australian branch. It’s pretty cool how Pixar hides the little things like this anywhere they can.

7. The director did the voice of the turtle Crush.

It wasn’t initially meant to be in the final cut but the response to the voice of the turtle was so great that it was left as it was.

6. The water actually had to look fake.

The production team did such a great job that they had to dial their efforts down a notch so people wouldn’t think they used real shots of the ocean.

5. Geoffrey Rush held onto his tongue while speaking his lines.

He was playing the part of the pelican and had Dory and Marlon in his mouth at the time so he had to make it sound authentic.

4. The production crew visited aquariums and had study groups with ichthyologists. 

Ichthyologists are those that study fish, and the crew had to go far and wide to learn as much as they could about movement, form, habits, etc.

3. This movie actually surpassed The Lion King.

It might be hard to believe but the numbers that Finding Nemo produced were in fact greater than those of The Lion King.

2. The role of Dory was written specifically for Ellen DeGeneres.

She impressed the studio so much that Dory was written just for her and would eventually spawn a sequel that was created thanks to her performance.

1. This movie made the record for selling the most DVD’s of all time. 

It sold over 40 million DVD’s. Whether you think it was that popular or not the numbers don’t lie. Finding Nemo was considered to be one of the most popular animated films ever.

It’s still a comfort and a joy to watch, even if it’s only once in a while.

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