10 Things That You Didn’t Know About Darker Than Black

There is something intriguing and alluring about the title Darker Than Black. It alludes to what most fans already know about anime — it always leads to the dark side. In real life, everyone will eventually come face-to-face with the dark side. The question is will they be able to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the darkness to emerge victoriously? This particular anime does not disappoint in the way of complexity and depth. As with most all anime series, there is a need to become acquainted with certain details in order to immerse yourself fully into the story. Here are 10 facts that should help you out.

1. The Universal Law of Polarity is at Play

Those who are familiar with the seven universal laws that govern everything in the universe are familiar with the law of polarity that states that is an equal and opposite reality to everything. This idea is at the core of this anime. In South America is a spiritual gate known as Heaven’s Gate and in Japan, there is another known as Hell’s Gate. Enter the drama.

2. Forget the Laws of Physics

For the pragmatist, this storyline will be hard to follow, for the first thing you must do is discard the basic laws of physics, they don’t exist in this world. This a world where warriors possess supernatural powers. This is a storyline that will challenge you to see the world differently — through an alternate reality so to speak. This is a place where anything becomes possible.

3. Some Things Never Change

I think the oldest plot in the world is good versus evil, and on the surface that has not changed in this series. However, what is different is the willingness to examine the complex realities associated with what is considered good and what is considered evil — acknowledging that things are hardly ever that clean cut.

4. It Happens in Layers

Behind every story that is several underlying stories. You can see them as layers of evil and darkness. Just when you think that things cannot get worse. You are faced with a reality that things can always get worse. There will always be a greater and more intense battle ahead. There is a parallel between this anime and real life that is quite eery.

5. Still Relatively New in the Process

Anime series can have long histories that intersect with other stories, develop new characters, and explain past episodes. This anime is relatively new in this process, with only 25 episodes being developed and released to this point. There is sure to be many more episodes as the story begins to unfold.

6. Season 2 Is Essential to Understanding Season One

While this type of dynamic is common in the playing out normal series arcs, it is much more emphasized in the anime universe. Character development and backstory develop is key to the understanding of the conflict and how it plays out. To get a better understanding of season 1, you will have to be committed to watching season 2.

7. The Contractors Are Becoming Increasingly Human

The contractors are an evil element of the series, and it has been hinted at subtly that these contractors are slowly becoming more human in nature. There are even points in which dolls are becoming more human-like as time progresses. It is not clear what all of this will mean in the end but it definitely adds to the intrigue.

8. The Exploration of Darkness

It is easy for us to make different postulations about others and their situations. We do it all of the time, but a show like this story challenges us to look at situations through multiple lenses. It forces us to ask questions instead of making assumptions. It is still not clear where this is all heading but it is definitely building up to a climactic ending.

9. The Big Tradeoff

Contractors are those who entered into contracts with a mysterious force that is behind the darkness. A part of this contract is that these contractors receive supernatural powers. There is a tradeoff with the use of these superpowers. It seems that every time a contractor uses their superpower they lose some of it.

10. The Hidden Solution

At the core of this anime is a question. What happens when darkness begins to manifest itself in the world around you? Do you take a position of helplessness?, Or, do you become actively engaged in resisting the darkness by becoming light. At the end of the day it reveals that we are all the result of how we choose to face adversity.

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