10 Things You Didn’t Know about Beth Chapman

When it comes to reality TV there are some stars you know and revere and others that don’t tend to come up that much apart from those moments when something tragic happens. Beth Chapman is a woman that a lot of people might know from Dog the Bounty Hunter, but apart from her role on the show a lot of folks might not have paid a great deal of attention to her largely because she’s not the star. But more and more people started to pay attention when she developed throat cancer it would seem, as drama of this sort seems to bring folks out of the woodwork. Morbid as it might be, she’s been taking that attention and turning it into something good as she’s been fighting the good fight against the cancer and doing what is needed to keep herself around and as positive as she can for her family.

Here are a few things about Beth you might not have known.

10. She tried to instigate the boycott of a radio station.

Before anyone thinks that she’s being petty I’ll go on to say that the radio station was allegedly making light of her cancer and asking people to call in with the worst stories they could recall about the Chapman family. Now it’s true that the Chapman’s have a history just like any other family that’s been on TV, but kicking someone when they’re already down seems like a poor way to promote a station, no matter if the people in question are good folks or not.

9. Beth has been struggling through cancer for a while now.

When it first came about she did what was necessary to keep herself positive and did as the doctors asked for the most part. But when it came back the news was devastating as the Chapman’s thought they’d beat this particular problem.

8. She’s a great-grandmother.

Her 23-year old grandchild had a baby a while back and even during the struggle she’s been going through Beth has been able to take the time to enjoy her great-grandchild, finding some solace that her family is going to keep expanding and that she’ll be there to watch for a while to come.

7. Her given name is Alice Elizabeth Smith.

Maybe the name ‘Alice’ doesn’t sound tough enough to be a bounty hunter, or maybe she just preferred Beth, who knows. Some people change their name entirely when they go into show business so it’s not that big of a deal.

6. Given her recent media attention her social media following is at a moderate level.

She has a few hundred thousand followers and it’s easy to assume that a lot of them are paying attention now since her cancer has returned and she’s basically fighting to stay up at this point. So far it would seem that she’s still fairly positive but there’s no telling what’s going to happen from day to day.

5. She’s a producer as well as an actress.

Beth has working behind the scenes and in front of the camera for a while now it would seem and has done fairly well. She and Duane have been featured on a few different shows in their time and have made a stable career out of their experiences.

4. She runs the bail bonds office and helps, or helped, her husband bring in bounties.

Beth did a lot of the office work on the show and would still seem to be doing this despite the fact that she has helped Duane out when it comes to bringing in the bounties. Whether she does much of this now or not is kind of up in the air since on any given day the cancer could be getting the best of her.

3. Beth and Duane got married the day after his daughter died in a car accident.

One might think that this is not the time to tie the knot, but it could have been that the wedding had already been planned and, despite the tragedy, Duane needed her emotional support and nearness to help him in this dark time. It does make a lot of sense in a very touching but unfortunate way.

2. She started in the bail bonds business at the age of 29.

At the time she was the youngest woman in Colorado to do this, but that record wasn’t bound to stand since her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, broke it when she became a bail bondsman at the age of 19. It seems like an odd job for a younger person to take, but given that it’s a family business it does seem like a viable option for anyone in the Chapman clan.

1. Beth isn’t too broken up about losing her hair during chemotherapy.

A lot of people say this but the truth is that a lot of them will at least wear a wig or something over their head once their hair starts falling out. Yes it’s for warmth, but with some folks it’s also for their vanity. Beth seems determined though that it will be okay, since hair does grow back after a while.

She seems like a very strong-willed individual.

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