10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard can be a very soft-looking individual on camera or she can be severe. This all has to do with the type of clothing she wears, the way her hair is sculpted around her face, and of course the expressions she gives since she can look downright cold if she wants to. But she can look warm and inviting as well, though with a certain edge that you can just barely detect under the surface. It’s almost as though she’s anxious to the point of not realizing that she’s about to spring forward and turn on the natural ability she has to act in whatever manner she’s required. But be that as it may she’s a very talented woman that has shown a great aptitude for acting in many different movies and adapting to the role she’s in to make it one that stands alone in her repertoire of characters. In other words she knows when to put which face on for each and every movie she’s done.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Bryce.

10. Clint Howard is her uncle, which means Ron Howard is her father, and Henry Winkler is her godfather.

If you hadn’t already guessed this much then here’s the confirmation. Ron Howard is pretty easy to think of, and Clint Howard shouldn’t be too much harder since he’s been in so many different movies as a bit player that people love to see. And you know who Henry Winkler is obviously.

9. She got cast in The Village based on her performance in a Broadway show.

M. Night Shyamalan didn’t even bother making her audition since he liked what he saw. As a blind girl living in a town situated in the middle of a forest she did a great job, especially since she was one of the bravest people there.

8. Bryce had never seen an episode of Happy Days until about 2006.

She didn’t understand the allure of the show until she finally watched it. Once she’d seen it she finally grasped the concept of why people thought it was such a great program. It’s kind of funny thinking how she never saw the show considering who her dad is.

7. She went vegan for about three years or so.

Going vegan isn’t for everyone, but she hung on for about 3 years which is a lot longer than some folks might want to try. One thing a person has to realize is that not every lifestyle is going to fit every person. Each individual needs to adhere to a lifestyle that’s right for them, no matter that it might be different from others.

6. Bryce had to dye her hair blonde for her role in Spider-Man 3.

Does anyone remember that she was in this movie? It’s more likely that a lot of people love to grind on and on about the fact that Topher Grace made a horrible Venom and that the film was one of the worst in the franchise. But yes, she was Gwen Stacy, a role that was taken on by her The Help costar Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man.

5. She and the rest of the cast had to be put through a 19th century ‘boot camp’ in order to get into character.

When filming a period piece you’ve got to think that people need to be prepped and primed on how to talk, how to act, and what kind of things were normal in those days. Simply trying to get into character for a few hours doesn’t seem like it would take as well.

4. She was unaware during the filming of Spider-Man 3 that she was pregnant.

The unnerving thing about this is that she did some of her own stunts in the film, as in when the crane busted through the building she was in and sent her plummeting to what might have been her death. Obviously it was all special effects but there was stunt work involved and she did some of her own stunts, which would be kind of appalling if she’d known she was pregnant. But by the time the film wrapped up she was five months along.

3. Bryce is very often confused with actress Jessica Chastain.

At a glance they do kind of look alike, but stepping away and really looking at them you start to see the differences and can tell them apart pretty easily. Anyone that says you can’t isn’t really looking at their faces obviously. But their body types are different enough to notice as well.

2. She’s never consumed alcohol in her life.

You can just imagine that a lot of people have rolled their eyes in disbelief but there are those out there that don’t feel the pull of alcohol and aren’t even interested in trying it. Honestly good on them.

1. Before acting she had a passion for writing.

Things in her life could have gone a different route but she had a passion to act as well. That doesn’t mean that she won’t ever pick up writing at some point, as a passion doesn’t go away so quickly.

She’s an intriguing person to be quite honest.

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