10 Things You Didn’t Know about Celina Powell

There’s been a rumor going around for a while that you don’t need to work hard to be famous, and to be honest Celina Powell kind of reaffirms that the rumor has a lot more truth to it than a lot of people would want to believe. The young woman in the picture above has been kind of a thorn in the world of show business for a while and has been rather proud of it. Her fame has come off the backs of others quite often and despite the desire to not label people by generation for their erratic and ill behavior she certainly doesn’t seem to do any justice to her own group. If anything she reaffirms that there are those within the millennial, or z generation that are simply out to get what they can and will gladly disregard anyone in their quest to become famous. Obviously not everyone’s like this, but some folks don’t pick up a lot of value on their way to their goals.

Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Celina.

10. Just to start off, she seems to thrive on ruining peoples’ lives.

Listening to her talk this woman is nothing but a nightmare to those she meets and those that don’t satisfy her needs immediately. She’ll gladly play the victim card or turn things around and make herself sound as though she’s an innocent that was just kidding around, but if things aren’t going her way it’s all about what she needs and the world is just dumb for not giving it to her.

9. She faked a paternity test and an ultrasound photo.

This is pretty low to be honest and runs the risk of ruining a person’s life if she had no intention of settling down. Unfortunately it’s easy to say that she might have been after a paycheck and nothing else, but if the day comes when she does truly get pregnant, if that day comes, then hopefully a mothering instinct will kick in and change her whole mindset. Perhaps regret will follow soon after for the things she did in the past.

8. It actually took bounty hunters a while to track her down.

There’s a saying that alludes to a person not being caught if they don’t want to be caught. In this case however Celina seems to need to make a spectacle of herself so it’s hard to think on why it took bounty hunters so long to catch her when she’s adamant about being out in public.

7. Celina seems to have no regard for others.

The “Me” generation has a new poster-child it would seem since Celina is all about herself when she’s online and during interviews. Even during said interviews she seems to have no respect for others and is ready to switch up her words the moment it’s convenient for her.

6. She put up a GoFundMe account and treated it like a joke.

To be honest, you don’t set up a GoFundMe account because you’re bored and need something to do. This kind of account is still a running joke with some people since it’s been abused way too often, but in her case it seems she got caught and then tried to pass it off as nothing serious.

5. Celina has been a groupie for some time now.

Honestly there’s nothing wrong with being a groupie until you take it too far. Being a groupie is something that a lot of people have done over the years, but trying to get with every star she’s been around makes her something else, but decorum won’t allow me to say it aloud. Just think of the word, it’ll come to you.

4. She’s made it a habit to accuse various rappers of getting her pregnant.

This is the kind of woman seeking a quick payday unfortunately since it doesn’t seem to matter each time that she’s claimed to be pregnant whether the guy has a woman in his life or not. She just wants what she has to get and that’s it. Imagine my eyes rolling, yours might be too.

3. She lists her job as a social media personality.

She’s an Instagram model. Plain and simple, no real frills to it no matter how she wants to dress it. Celina is one of the many that has somehow bamboozled enough people into thinking that she’s important to get them to pay for her lifestyle.

2. Celina is 23 years old.

You could go on and on about how when she hits her 30s and 40s that her youth isn’t going to be there any longer, but she probably wouldn’t care and would find a way to shoot down her ‘haters’ since quite honestly she seems a little too arrogant for her own good. Ah youth….

1. She’s been accused of cyber-bullying.

One might think that she’d be looking back and thinking that maybe she should change just a few things about her life, but so far it’s been full steam ahead and no lessons learned as she’s gone after a few people online.

Saying Celina is famous is like someone trying to praise a mosquito for buzzing around their face constantly.

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