10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dirk Blocker

If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine then you might very well be familiar with Dirk Blocker since he’s a part of the show that’s hard to miss considering his contribution and his ability to make people laugh. Dirk is one of those folks that’s had a long history of acting but hasn’t quite been able to exist on the same level as a lot of celebrities that have gone on to be known worldwide. He makes do however and has been leading the kind of existence that he’s happy with throughout the years. Having started his career in 1974 he’s been around long enough to have seen quite a few things and done more than his fair share when it comes to show business. The idea that he’s not considered to be a bigger contributor is kind of a crime but when you think about it he’s managed to exist in one of the hardest spots in all of show business and has still kept it together for this long. Not many sidekicks or extras stick around for too many years without wanting something else for themselves, but Dirk has been getting his fair share without the megastar status and has been doing just fine for decades.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Dirk.

10. His education history is largely unknown.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot on what kind of education he might have undergone to become an actor or what he went through to get into show business. It’d be interesting to see if he actually just got in because of his father or if he had to work his way up the ladder. It does seem as if he would have to work for it.

9. Dirk’s dream was of following in his father’s footsteps.

His father, Dan Blocker, was one of the stars of Bonanza and Dirk had wanted to be like him for a long time. Those that tend to idolize their parents do sometimes seem to follow in their footsteps at least in some regard, but Dirk took it to heart and wanted badly to get into acting.

8. He hasn’t amassed any big awards but he’s had quite the extensive career.

The recognition of who he is and what he’s done so far in his career seems to be the biggest draw since Dirk has been nominated in the past but hasn’t won any serious awards that might otherwise distinguish him. In the face of that however he’s still a reliable actor that brings a lot of experience to a role.

7. His net worth is around $3 million.

One thing you can say is that he’s comfortable in what he’s doing, and hasn’t gone broke like a lot of other stars that have been paid more and somehow lost it all. In reality Dirk is kind of like the working-man’s actor in that he knows how to have a good time but he also knows how to save his money and make decent investments that will keep him in the black.

6. He’s actually been happily married since 1990.

There are those in Hollywood that can make this claim but it wouldn’t seem as though there’s that many since celebrity relationships and marriages seem to fall on hard times for one reason or another as the tabloids love to post. But Dirk and his wife have been happy together for going on three decades now so you can assume that they’ve found a way to make it work and to kind of buck the trend.

5. It’s been seen that he’s usually the sidekick or comic relief in shows.

Sooner or later a lot of people that play this kind of role tend to want to break out of it and go on their own to become a star. Whether Dirk has tried this or not isn’t really known but one thing is sure, he’s played the part of the sidekick beautifully and has kept it long enough to be known for this type of role.

4. He and his family were living in Switzerland when his father passed away.

This was undoubtedly a hard time in Dirk’s life since he looked up to his father in a big way. The best part however is that he’s no doubt done his father very proud with the kind of career he’s amassed throughout the years.

3. He’s a bit taller than you might think.

It’s kind of hard to see this from a picture but Dirk stands at 6’4″ so he’s kind of a tall guy.

2. Dirk appears to have a very friendly disposition.

He tends to like a lot of the people he works with and usually seems to have a very friendly way about him as people have noted throughout their interactions.

1. He went in acting right out of high school.

Dirk obviously didn’t want to wait, but there’s no real information on if he just started showing up to auditions or if he had at least a little schooling in-between.

He’s had a long and fulfilling career it sounds like.

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