10 Things You Didn’t Know about John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly is a guy that a lot of folks would probably see as more of a funny man since the truth is that he’s played big roles in comedies and does have the look of a guy that can perform more than one role. But the truth is that John is the type of person that can show up in a variety of roles and perform just as well, even if you happen to think that he’s more inclined to comedy. He’s been in a number of different movies and shown that he has the kind of versatility that is kind of rare with other actors since many people find a role they enjoy and tend to move around that one character type again and again. John does have his character types like anyone else but he also has the ability to surprise the audience since he doesn’t hold to just one role or one type of character, choosing instead to move from one type to another.

Here are a few things you might not have known about him.

10. He’s actually left a film set in protest before.

On the set of a movie he was cast in there was a scene that called for the killing of a donkey, or perhaps the donkey had been slated to be killed at some point during shooting, but he walked off in protest over this. He obviously has a heart and is an animal-lover.

9. John is an accomplished singer as well.

The voice you hear him use in movies is obviously something that he busts out when he wants a good laugh, but he actually does have a very nice voice and has been heard to perform and amaze others with his level of talent.

8. He’s a dedicated Chicago White Sox fan.

It depends on where you’re at in the world as to how people will respond to whether you’re a fan of one team or another, but it seems the further east you go there are fans that are so devoted to their teams that speaking out against them is considered a sin. He’s a big fan, but there’s no way to know if he’s that dedicated.

7. John took his first ever plane ride in the late 80s for a film he was starring in.

It’s kind of hard in this day and age to think that a person hasn’t been on a plane by the time they’re a young child, but if you think about it a lot of people still don’t take to the skies unless they absolutely need to, meaning that some folks still go an entire lifetime without ever stepping aboard a plane.

6. In real life he is a very good friend of Will Ferrell.

This would explain the great chemistry the two men have on screen since they seem to compliment one another perfectly. They’ve been in a couple of movies together at this point and they’re quite entertaining since they have a very comfortable bond between them.

5. Throughout a lot of his films he tends to be the ‘everyman’ character that can cover a lot of roles.

Admittedly John wants to be the Gene Hackman of his generation, which is all well and good but it would be nicer to be the John C. Reilly of his generation since a lot more people have started to remember his name these days with his continued prominence in films.

4. There is a reason why he uses his middle initial for billing.

The middle initial stands for Christopher and he had to add it apparently because there was another actor with the same name as him and the Screen Actor’s Guild made it a point to have him add his middle initial so that there would be less confusion.

3. John likes to be able to surprise his fans with what’s coming next.

He doesn’t want the fans being able to predict what’s coming. This is one reason why he’s so diverse and why he’ll show up occasionally in very different films in a different role than people are used to seeing him. He wants to mix it up a bit.

2. People still have a hard time placing where they’ve seen him.

It’s kind of hard to believe this but he’s stayed in the forefront as well as in the background during some of his movies and people will still have a tough time placing him when they see John on screen. He’s one of those characters you know you’ve seen before but you really have to think where.

1. He’s always trying to do something different to keep life interesting.

He doesn’t like to remain static in the things he does and is always trying to find something new to do, some method or technique or role that can make him stand out and give the audience a new idea to grasp.

He’s unique, that much is for certain.

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