10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jotaro Kujo

If you follow the Japanese anime call JoJo’s Adventure, you might have a favorite character of your own but how much do you know about the main character, Jotaro Kujo? This is a classic archetypal story and it definitely possesses many archetypes of its own. If you want to know more about how his place in the story unfolds, read through the 10 things listed below.

1. This is a story that proves you can’t judge a book by its cover

The story starts out with him struggling in school. He has had a long history of struggling with his education, and it isn’t because he’s not smart enough to figure it all out. In fact, he’s extremely intelligent. There are plenty of other reasons why he struggles. The writers wanted to show their audience that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, you have to dig a little deeper in order to see what’s really going on.

2. The character was created with the idea of showing how different a person can be when they do or don’t have the support they need

Like so many other characters in archetypal stories, he has certain obligations to live up to. He is the son of someone who has accomplished great things and he is expected to continue on in those footsteps. That being said, there’s a darker side. Many people are watching him, waiting to see whether or not he will achieve great things himself or take the wrong path. He has a lot to live up to and this creates a tremendous amount of pressure that he feels on daily basis, which is incidentally, one of the reasons that he acts out.

3. His potential to be good or bad is designed to mirror the personalities of mankind

Depending on who he is with and what happens to him, he can become either good or bad. This is not really all that different from each of us, as we all have the capability to do good deeds or cause harm. We must make those choices every day.

4. His character is based on the theories of Carl Jung

Like most young people, he struggles with his own identity. He wants to be an individual, yet he is expected to be an extension of his family line, especially his father and grandfather. Like so many young adults that are searching for their own identity, sometimes he does things intentionally to set himself apart from those who have come before him because he wants to be seen as a unique individual, not known for the achievements of his ancestors.

5. The idea was to showcase the fact that at times, a person may not even know their own personality

This sometimes gets him in a lot of trouble, such as when he puts four people in the hospital because he beats them up. However, it’s not really as simple as saying that he has some anger issues or even that someone did something to set him off. You’ll find out more about this in the following paragraphs.

6. The idea came from one of the producers who struggled with his own identity in youth

When he acts out, it’s like there are two versions of him in the same body. After he’s arrested, he claims that he’s not the one that beat anyone up. He swears up and down that they have the wrong man but four men are able to prove that he is the one that did it. The problem is, he has no memory of it and he doesn’t understand anything that’s going on at this point. This is similar to how one of the producers felt when he was in high school and trying to figure out who he really was.

7. Aspects of parapsychology are used to draw interest from fans

This is where his family really starts to help him out. They reveal to him that he did indeed beat those men up but that it wasn’t really his fault. They say that is what amounts to an alter ego that manifests itself as an actual individual and that is the entity responsible for putting those men in the hospital. This is directly related to some research regarding things like telekinesis and even the theory of poltergeists.

8. Writers wanted to showcase the fact that all people are connected

As it turns out, everything that’s happening goes back to a long-standing family curse that causes everyone in the family to have an alter ego referred to as a fighting spirit. Writers decided to use the example of a family curse because they wanted to make a point about the connection between human beings.

9. Ultimately, writers wanted to create something that would be inspirational

This story starts out with a main character who is woefully underestimated. You might even go as far as saying that no one really believes in him. In the end, he is the one who must step up and prove himself. Throughout, you have the chance to watch his transformation. That’s precisely what the writers were aiming for all along.

10. They were inspired to some extent by the Star Wars trilogy

He has to face his own demons before he is able to face anyone else. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t been in some type of situation that is similar. At that moment, you can choose to let it break you or you deal with it and get stronger. That’s the core storyline that runs through this entire story. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve heard a very similar story somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.

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