10 Things You Didn’t Know about Melissa Rauch

It might be a little hard to recognize Melissa Rauch without her signature look from The Big Bang Theory but there’s no mistaking the voice when she breaks it out. As one of the hottest acts on TV she’s pretty distinctive and has been working hard to create and maintain a career and possibly a legacy if she continues to wow audiences with her talent. The life she leads off screen seems to be one that has met with its fair share of difficulties and hardships but to date she has managed to push through and be an inspirational as well as professional character that has amazed a lot of people and impressed many more. Where she’s going to go with her career at this point is hard to say but given that she’s been such a success with a few different projects it seems fair to state that she’ll be around for some time to come.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. While she was in college she performed stand-up comedy.

She had to get started somehow and somewhere, right? A person doesn’t just pick up a career and get moving, at least not on a regular basis. She put in a lot of hours on the mic to make sure that people liked her and so far it seems to have paid off in a big way.

9. She’s under 5’0 tall

I don’t mean that she’s 5’3″ and tiny. She stands about 4’11” and, with all respects, is all woman. But she is a slightly diminutive individual and doesn’t really measure up to a whole lot of people since the average for women is easily five inches or so above her.

8. Her character, Bernadette, is based on her mother.

That nasally whine that is endearing to some folks and kind of annoying to others came from her mother apparently, a trait that Melissa doesn’t have normally but does so well that it made Bernadette a more complete character.

7. Melissa admitted to having a miscarriage not long after announcing that she was pregnant in 2017.

It’s not easy for a woman to admit that she had a miscarriage, ever, but Melissa made that admission not long after announcing her pregnancy in 2017. Thankfully the pregnancy went just fine and she and her husband are now raising a healthy child.

6. She met her husband in college.

Marrying your high school sweetheart is something special but it’s growing increasingly rare since a lot of people don’t stay together that long, but college sweethearts still manage to last for a while at least. It might have something to do with the maturity level that one gains after a year or two spent away from their comfort zone.

5. Theater was a big part of her life in high school.

Melissa admits to being a theater nerd as it was an important aspect of her life and something that she fell headlong into without any hesitation. Some folks don’t have any reservation when it comes to selecting what makes them feel valuable in one way or another.

4. Her manner was a little surly when she was still making her way to fame.

You could say that having to wait tables and deal with customers got to her at one point. Anyone in the food and hospitality industry will attest to this at some point since quite honestly waiting on other people can be a decent job, but it can also be an unending chore that is ultimately quite thankless.

3. Disneyland became her method of staving off the blues at one point.

Upon moving to California she and her husband acquired season passes to Disneyland, which served as her method of calming down and remembering to enjoy her life when she was feeling down. It’s a bit of an expense really, but being able to go to one of the happiest, albeit expensive, places in the world has its perks.

2. She had a fear of becoming like Snooki if she stayed in New Jersey.

This might seem like an extreme thing to say but at the very least it seems like Melissa was becoming somewhat stifled where she was and needed a change of scenery. Sometimes changing where you’re at is one of the only ways to really feel better about yourself and your situation. Since her move she’s had some challenges but at this point it seems as though she’s found her place and is quite content.

1. Her salary on The Big Bang Theory went from $20 thousand to $450 thousand per episode during her time on the show.

It seems the longer she stayed the more people loved her, and as a result her paycheck began to increase in leaps and bounds as her character became more popular.

There’s nothing like realizing a dream to make life just a little better.

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