10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Paulson

There’s really no need to say where you’ve seen Sarah Paulson the most if you’ve been watching TV or movies in the last few years since she’s been up front and present for a few different projects that a lot of people have subjected themselves to with full enjoyment. She’s the kind of actress that can play a part that you loathe entirely or one that you absolutely love and want to see more of in the future. But it is kind of apparent that she latched on to American Horror Story and didn’t decide to let go throughout each coming season since she’s played multiple characters and even a few of the same in different seasons. But therein lies part of her charm, she can rehash old characters and make them feel new or just as popular as they were when they first showed up. In terms of being a star she’s been one of the many that has come up through the ranks in a rather quiet manner until it was time to shine.

Here are a few things that people might not have known about Sarah.

10. Sarah is deathly afraid of flying.

This phobia is so strong that she has to talk to the pilots every time she flies just to make sure of their experience and that everything is on the up and up. The worst part is that some pilots know about her phobia and decide to mess with her. You can almost assume however that they do this in a manner that doesn’t frighten her so much as it might irritate or annoy her in a good-mannered way.

9. She’s won five major acting awards in the same year.

Sarah is actually the first person to do this for the same role. She’s been proving to be absolutely impressive in her acting and there’s no telling just how far she’s going to go. At this point she’s become something of a standout celebrity no matter that you don’t hear her name quite as often.

8. She was diagnosed with melanoma when she was 25.

Thankfully she was able to have the growth removed before it could become cancerous. Such growths are usually best to have checked out since unless it’s a skin tag or something benign it could become a problem.

7. Sarah likes taking on tough parts when she’s acting.

There’s nothing fun about easy sometimes since those are the kind of parts that a person can phone in so to speak. Sarah likes the roles that challenge her and make her rise to the occasion since it’s that moment that makes an actor give the best of themselves.

6. She can do a great imitation of Flipper.

There are those people that can imitate this sound but there aren’t a lot since it is kind of hard on the vocal cords if one keeps doing it for a prolonged period of time. If you didn’t already know, the sound effects for Flipper were largely synthesized.

5. Sarah is one of the only actors to have starred in every season of American Horror Story.

Think about all the different characters she’s played throughout the length of the show and then think about how many times she’s had to take center stage because of her character and her role in the season. She’s had to give way to a few other people from time to time but she’s always been present in some way.

4. She and Jessica Lange are very good friends.

It might be accurate to think that Lange is something of a mentor to Sarah since she is quite a bit older but it’s also easy to think that they’d be good friends since they’ve been on the show together for a while. Lange even came back in the last season since she took up the same role she had in Murder House, the very first season of the show.

3. She’s been mistaken with Claire Foy more than once.

It’s easy to see this comparison at a glance but otherwise if you look closely it’s really hard to see how this would be the type of mixup that would be so common since the two women are quite a bit different in the looks department. They’re both quite beautiful, but their facial features are still different enough to tell them apart.

2. Sarah has been seen as one of the more influential people in show business.

This seems like something you’d have to find out on your own by doing the research and digging in deep to see just what she’s been doing behind the scenes and who she’s been hanging around with on her off time and in between projects.

1. If you don’t remember, she was in What Women Want with Mel Gibson.

You’ve got to remember this was years ago when Gibson was at his peak and Paulson was a bit younger, but that is her.

Things have changed in her career, but almost all for the better obviously.

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