10 Things You Didn’t Know the CW’s “All American”

The CW has been known for its good and less than mediocre shows throughout the years but All-American seems to be one that might actually be something they can puff their chests out a bit since it tackles a few very important issues that don’t always get the attention they deserve. The stories of many former NFL players tend to be anything from mildly entertaining to riveting depending on their back story and where they came from, but in this instance there’s a lot to say about this particular individual that managed to come from a very dangerous and go-nowhere situation to where he ended up. Detailing the life of one man seems like it might leave a lot out when it comes to the rest of those that try and have similar experiences, but the CW has still found away to make it interesting and insightful.

Here are a few things you might not have known about All-American.

10. The show is inspired by the true story of Spence Paysinger.

Spence was with a few different teams in his time before he retired, having been with the Giants during their last Superbowl appearance and having ended his career with the Carolina Panthers. His story is one that managed to catch the eye of a few interested parties and therefore was made into something that’s been seen as inspiring so far.

9. The original showrunner stepped down due to personal reasons.

There’s not a lot of information on why the showrunner stepped down but the show was still picked up and pushed forward thankfully. It’s hard to think why anyone would have to leave a show like this but ‘personal reasons’ could mean absolutely anything and unless they’re revealed it’s usually better not to ask.

8. This show depicts the difficulty of existing in two very different social environments.

From Crenshaw to Beverly Hills there’s a huge difference in how people live and how socioeconomic status is perceived. There is a pretty clear delineation concerning the haves and have-nots when it comes to location and the show picks up on this quite easily.

7. The reception it’s been getting has been largely positive.

People have been excited to see the show thus far meaning that its ratings have been favorable and the response has been what was desired. Some critics have gone on to state that it’s not quite what they were hoping for but all the same it’s doing the job that it’s meant to when it comes to inspiring people and showing them the life of the individual it’s about.

6. Unfortunately the division between upper and lower class students that is shown is very real.

The geography is different, the lifestyle is different, and the attitudes are extremely different since those that live in poorer neighborhoods aren’t always acting hard, they’re just trying to survive. Those that live in upscale or working-class neighborhoods that try to act hard are often seen as kind of a joke.

5. There’s hope that the positive reviews will mean that there will be a season 2.

So far it’s kind of up in the air since critics do have a lot of pull, too much sometimes, in how things turn out and how the shows are perceived. But the fans are the ones that usually make it worth the while to keep something going since they’re the ones that watch in droves after all. It’s a waiting game at this point.

4. Daniel Ezra is being hailed as the most interesting part of the show.

This makes sense considering that he’s the star of the show and the basis for the person it’s about. At this point he’s been seen as someone that might be kind of new to the business but is still able to pick it up quite well and run with the part he’s been given while holding his own around seasoned actors.

3. The show does a great job in showing how high school transfers are kind of difficult.

College transfers can be tricky enough, but high school transfers can be even harder since it’s a much more tricky situation. The act of going from one town to another and transferring from a different school to another while still a minor is something that has to be handled with a great deal of care. And as the show depicts there can be a great deal of resentment involved.

2. Taye Diggs takes on a very critical role.

It’s hard to tell where Taye Diggs is going to pop up now and again but in this show he plays the role of the coach that recruits the young star player and convinces him to switch schools using the premise that he’d have a better chance of being a success.

1. This is more about Paysinger’s early life than anything.

It’s kind of doubtful that if there is a second season or more that the show will go into anything past college, though it’s possible.

It might be worth watching.

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