20 Funny Facts About Sacha Baron Cohen And His Creations

It’s fair to say that nearly any project that Sacha Baron Cohen has worked on angered a huge group of people in some way, shape, or form.  At the same time an equal if not considerably larger  number of people found his antics to be hilarious.   Almost anything Sacha Baron Cohen did to begin with tended to be looked at with disdain and a lot of controversy despite the fact he seemed to revel in it at the time.  One thing you can’t argue is that he’s a risk taker and those risks have clearly paid off.  In all of his movie and TV time, here are 20 funny facts you might not know about his work:

Sure, because no one’s going to be bothered by that part are they?

So then there was a real reason that people didn’t want to get too close to him. It all makes so much sense now.

It’s one thing to portray such a character when people know what you’re doing. It’s another thing to trick them into thinking that you were being in any way serious. But really, how could anyone think that this was a serious documentary?

It might have been one further insult to use an actual language all by it’s lonesome. Maybe this was a good move.

There’s a time when you just take things too far. Being asked to leave an entire state is one of those times.

You just know you’re doing something horribly wrong when it’s the DIRECTOR getting the death threats and not the star.

Somehow I see Cohen and Rogen getting along really well after a few bong hits and talk about “back in the day”.

Yeah, Ali G. might sound just a little better, less like a wannabe rapper that might be a mama’s boy.

Did Cohen even know that he was affecting people in this way? Entire towns and states wanted nothing to do with him.

If Borat was bad then this was digging somewhere beneath the well where the runoff eventually goes and settles.

It sounds way too much like Pruno, which is almost just as nasty and disgusting as this film.

How many different ways can a person do things wrong until they realize they’re just being contrary for the heck of it?

It seems a little strange to have a guard made up of those whose gender you tend to not respect in the least.

Cohen has a thing about using accuracy with languages it would seem.

I wonder if they too tried to sue the product just like the town in Borat.

Whoa now. Cohen was getting a little nutso here, and even more so than before which is kind of impressive.

Do we even want to know what the “elephant scene” entailed?

Do you get the idea that Cohen doesn’t like to film on site? Or maybe nobody in those areas want him to film on site?

I wonder what Strong had to say about working with Cohen.

I would think that he needs to retire them and slink away for a bit to give people some time to stop hating him for a while. Somehow I get the feeling that he intentionally rubbed people the wrong way to just get a reaction and not be so funny as he thought he was. This is beyond even slapstick really, it’s just flat out offensive humor in many regards.



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