A Batman Script Was Written by A.I. After 1000 Hours of Viewing Footage

Ever hear the one about how a group of monkeys could, given enough time, produce the entire works of Shakespeare? Well, apparently an AI being forced to watch 1,000 hours of Batman can be coerced into creating a script. Honestly though it looks like something that might cause the Joker to grimace in utter distaste since it’s about one of the most nonsensical things around. Seriously, it’s laughable enough that someone might want to pick it up and make a movie out of it, a parody at least. This kind of proves that as much as AI might be a perceived threat to some, there’s not much chance that it’s going to be much of a threat to writers in the near future since at this point computers still aren’t quite expert at thinking around corners. It might be a fine addition to the Batman legacy to see this made into a parody however, if only because the script is just too hilarious for words. It’s kind of obvious that Daniel Alvarez of ScreenRant got a good laugh out of this, as well as he should since it’s kind of funny to think about Batman telling Alfred to give birth to Robin or Two-Face flipping Alfred in the air like a coin. And the Joker most definitely drinks anarchy, it’s like his own personal Red Bull.

A little levity now and again isn’t such a bad thing since Batman has been so godawful serious throughout most of his run, with Adam West being the most comical among the men that have donned the suit with his shark repellent and overacting. It’s true that there have been moments of laughter throughout the most recent movies, but a lot of it has been so bracketed by drama and action that it’s hard to really appreciate for more than a brief period before it’s time to move on. Batman has been a tragic character for so long that even cracking a smile might actually cause a few muscles in his face to snap it would seem, even if he does manage to bust a smile every now and then in the movies.

Of course if you look at superheroes in the DC universe not a lot of them smile all the time it would seem since their lives tend to be kind of stressful quite often. In fact the only ones that ever seem to smile more often than others are those that are seen to be a little more careless than others at times, such as the Flash and Aquaman. Now this could be just in recent times since in the Justice League Flash and Aquaman were all smiles at times, unless you want to count Henry Cavill’s creepy CGI smile. Wonder Woman can be said to smile, but hers seems a bit more like a proud mother hen when her teammates do something she approves of, as her sense of mirth is still so danged literal that it takes an act of supreme will to make her simply bust up with laughter. Batman on the other hand, this is a guy that doesn’t smile unless it’s sarcastic, or because he’s managed to get one up on someone. Throughout the movies he’s smiled occasionally, but again the brevity of it is hard to deny.

This script written by the AI though is enough to get just about anyone laughing within the first couple of pages. The kind of imagery it pulls up is enough to make a person pause for a moment as they try to figure out just what’s wrong with the wording, then with the person that wrote it, and then possibly wonder if they’re being punk’d. After that comes the laughter or the shaking of the head, and then the laughter. When it comes to Batman you don’t really expect to laugh since his story isn’t all that comical, but this script will no doubt have you busting up after a while since it’s hard not to laugh at the absurdities that the AI decided to throw in there. The moment a computer program can think around corners and go psychotic as the average fiction writer, then it might be time to worry since our jobs could be in jeopardy. But until that day this is just comic gold since it indicates that not only is the AI taking so much of the material it’s been given literal, but it’s simply plugging words into whatever area they seem to fit, concocting something that’s based upon the sum of the information it’s been given without taking time to make a truly cohesive and sensible story. But hey, it’s funny as hell and it’s something that might one day be tried out as a series or a movie, so at this point it’s worth the laughter.

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